Million Dollar Homepage — Great Idea or What?

I was recently browsing around the internet like I usually do searching for a way I can make some quick bucks. Of course many ideas were already taken, but that didn’t convince me to stop. Anyways, I found a site that really caught my eye, and while it was already taken, many people have already began the copy cat process. The Million Dollar Homepage – a site allowing users to purchase pixels for $1.00 each is the new thing on the internet. Seriously hundreds of people have already made exact clones of this site and are actually making money off of it. Alex Tew, the creator behind this genious idea needed some quick money to go to college or a university. I bet he was surprised when a week later he had at least $100,000.00 in his account. Apparantly he didn’t think this would take off like this, but it’s usually the ideas that aren’t too shabby to heart that really make it big.

Many people at first thought this was a scam. They thought this guy was fake, and he was just out to make a large lump sum. Well… It turns out he is for real, and takes pictures of himself so people can witness he isn’t fake. He also used to have a stats section on his site, until it went down, and the stats were very impressive. I’m sure the press he gets drives 75% of the traffic to his site. In fact this site is 100 % legit, and while the idea of 200,000 + dollars, that have already been invested into this site sounds really amazing, it just keeps getting better and better. People can only purchase a minimum of 100.00 worth of pixels, which is a 10 x 10 ad space.

It is going to be interesting to see how these other clones do. Sites like the “Million Dollar WEBPage” is a great clone. It almost looks identical, except for it’s color differation, and the contest it holds to win free pixels. This is just one close as there are hundreds out there including ones selling for Quarters, Nickels, and Pennies. There are even ones selling for free. How long will this fad go on? When will this Million Dollar Homepage finally kick the can? It is uncertain when all of this will happen, but while the time is hot, he is making his fortune as I type right now.

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