Mobile Massage Trends Promoting Spa Consumers

The rising trends and consumer expenditures for spa services has opened up new doors for independent therapists and service providers who may be interested in sharing their work and talents. Mobile massages are rapidly gaining appeal for both casual enthusiasts and large private residences who are looking for something new and customized. A mobile massage offers flexibility, comfortable settings, and high service arrangements that can be organized for parties and other group gatherings in new ways. Think of the spa party going mainstream; a mobile massage may be just what your office or community group needs to provide a new activity or group experience!

Mobile massages are different than hiring an independent therapist, as they become full-fledged small businesses. The massage therapist ‘on-the-go’ can easily load up a car or truck with the collapsible massage table, tools, and a business card and contract with neighborhoods, community leaders, and even businesses for a steady stream of business. Private spa parties can be coordinated easily with a personal mobile massage service readily available.

Spa Chicks on the Go, is a concept in New York that offers a complete ‘package’ with the service. Pampering to please, the services include robe and slipper rentals and goodie bags taking the full-fledged approach in order to maintain regular clients. The company also hosts events and location-specific parties for a variety of occasions.

The Door Step Day Spa is a California-based company specializing in the complete experience of a day spa conveniently booked for your home or office. Clients can chose from Reflexology, Swedish massage, hot stones, and specially-designed chair massages for the office. If your office is stressed and frazzled, offerings from local companies such as the Door Step Day Spa may just be the key to revitalizing and refreshing some energy!

Many independent therapists can be found in classified sections of local papers, and with today’s heavy Craigslist communities, the opportunities are even more promising for these service providers to host their talents. Posting on sites such as is one great way to highlight a service provider’s offerings to ocal communities and beyond. A profile page on or even an independent blog can create some easy and cost-effective word-of-mouth advertising.

Mobile massage services offer some great benefits for parties, offices, or individuals who are short on time to spend a day at a spa. Even without a complete spa setting, the benefits of a massage can be found when local therapists can offer their services easily and conveniently. Appointments are usually very easy to schedule, and costs are often much lower than a standard luxury spa. Talented therapists in any city can also make the most of mobile massage networking, and create independently owned businesses for the long-term.

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