Mobile Signing Agent

Being a notary signing agent or mobile signing agent can be interesting and rewarding work. However, it is done outside the home so it is more of a home-based business instead of a work from home job. If you are thinking notaries don’t make much money, you are correct, but this business opportunity is a mobile signing agent meaning you will be taking your services on the road working with signing companies and mortgage companies who hire you to be present when homeowners sign loan papers. A signing agent notarizes a variety of documents that include mortgage and home refinancing documents, deeds, trusts, wills, and a number of other important documents that need authorization and verification. The work is fairly easy but you do need the proper training and basic understanding of the real estate and mortgage industries.

Most signing agents travel to a homeowner’s home verify, assist, and notarize mortgage and finance documents. Recently, e-notarization has come into existence allowing signing agents to verify and notarize signatures online or electronically, which eliminates the need to travel and related expenses. This new technology turns this business opportunity into a true home-based business allowing signing agents to completely work from the comfort of their home, checking and verifying signatures with much more ease and in the comfort of their home.

Many signing agents receive their assignments or work from signing services, closing companies, mortgage companies, and sometimes real estate agents. Assignments are faxed or emailed to the signing agent. It is the job of the signing agent to call the homeowners to verify the scheduled appointment time, show up on time for signings, and make sure all documents are signed and completed. If the homeowner has any questions that the signing agent cannot answer, the signing agent should inform the homeowner to ask their lender or real estate agent.

If the homeowner has any legal questions, the signing agent needs to inform them to refer all legal questions to a lawyer. Signing agents are prohibited from providing any legal advice. Notary signing agents are not lawyers and therefore can give no legal advice for any legal document they are witnessing. The signing agent can provide certain types of assistance filling out the forms, which is explained in the training course. The work usually takes no more than an hour but there are times when it can take a couple of hours to get through a signing.

Payment for signing assignments start at $50 per signing and can go up to $150 per signing depending on the agents’ experience, knowledge, schedule, flexibility, and the company the signing agent is working with. Since this is your business you can request more money due to the cost of gas, travel time, and other expenses like faxing, printing, etc. Notary signing agents should have fax capabilities, unlimited long distance, and reliable transportation. There is special training that is needed to become a notary signing agent. There are a few companies that offer training and assistance in getting your notary signing agent home business up and running.

A signing agent needs to be dependable, flexible, good communication skills, and organized. This can be a very rewarding home-based business for those interested in gaining knowledge and learning about the real estate industry while working mostly from home. The downside to this business is that it can fluctuate depending on the real estate market.

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