Modern Weddings: Planning a Marriage Elopement

Planning a wedding is extremely stressful and time consuming. Hence, many modern couples have decided to skip the glitz and get married in privacy. Elopement is not a new marriage concept. However, with the influx of adventurous young adults, more and more people are taking the plunge in secrecy. Planning an elopement is exciting. For this reason, many couples choose elopement for the simple thrill of being able to sneak off to a private location and return home as a married couple. Even though elopements sound simple, couples should handle certain details before tying the knot. Here are a few quick tips for planning a quick and secretive elopement.

Secrecy vs. Simplicity – There are many ways to elope. Some couples choose to disappear for a few days without telling anyone of their whereabouts. On the other hand, a select number of couples might inform their parents or a best friend of their marriage plans. With this said, it is possible to elope with witnesses. These wedding are generally last minute, and involve four or five friends flying to Vegas for the weekend. Although some couples enjoy the high of getting married in pure secrecy, leaving a note informing a close relative or friend of your whereabouts is a smart move.

Discuss Budget – Even though elopements are significantly cheaper than planning a large wedding event, these marriages can also be costly. Getting married at a local courthouse is very inexpensive. However, some couples want to experience the excitement of getting married in Las Vegas. Before booking airline and other travel accommodations, realistically discuss the budget. If possible, browse online for last minute travel deals. You may be able to snag an inexpensive package deal to Vegas including airfare, hotel, and car rental. Moreover, contact potential wedding chapels in the area and discuss wedding package prices. If eloping with a small group of friends, the wedding chapel may be able to host a small, inexpensive dinner after the ceremony.

State Marriage Requirements – Because elopements are usually last minute decisions, many couples forget the essentials. Before a marriage can occur, couples must obtain a marriage license from the state. In addition, some states require a waiting period. This allows enough time for the couple to obtain a blood test and physical examination. If your state requires a physical examination, you may consider getting married in a state that allows quick marriages.

Hire an Officiate or Photographer – If choosing to marry at city hall or a Las Vegas chapel, the officiate is already in place. However, some couples opt for elopements atop a mountain or beachside. In this case, you may need to hire someone to perform the marriage vows. The officiate can be a church clergymen or any other person licensed by the state to perform marriage vows. Also, do not forget the photographer. Even if you choose to elope, it is important to have someone present to capture the emotions before and after the vows.

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