Mondo Magneto – a Rockin’ Album!

Mondo Magneto by Brian Ray on his own label, Whooray Records, is simply a fun, rocking album. Those of you who have never heard Brian play may want to think again. If you have watched the Super bowl in either 2002 or 2005, or the 2006 Grammy awards, you’ve seen Brian play. If you have seen any of Paul McCartney’s recent shows, you’ve seen Brian Play. Brian is the blonde-haired guitarist and bassist who stands to Sir Paul’s left during his shows. In the past he has worked with Smokey Robinson, co-writing the song “One Heartbeat.” He has also worked with Etta James, who appears as a guest on Mondo Magneto.

The cover of the Mondo Magneto album describes the music inside perfectly. The red satin bed, the guitar, the girl, the energy expressed by Brian’s jump, all give this album its unique, retro, sexy, rockin’ feel. Looking at the rest of the album art, it’s nice to have lyrics included so we can all sing along, and more photos of Brian with the same look and feel.

The album opens with “Good for Nothing,” a song that just gets better with each listen. It has a great guitar riff and although it sounds like an upbeat song, the lyrics are about feeling useless. It’s a great contrast and it’s something everyone is bound to feel at some point in his or her life.

Other album highlights include “Vinyl” about a guy whose records are stolen from the trunk of his car. It expresses what many music lovers feel. Where would we be without our music? The list of albums in the bridge is fun to sing too – you’re bound to find one of your favorites mentioned somewhere in this song. “Soft Machine” with guest Etta James is also great with a bluesy feel to it. “Comin’ Up Roses” is some great, funny-but-true social commentary. “I Liked You Better,” probably the funniest song on the album, is about waking up after a drunken night and realizing that the person you were with was much more attractive the night before. “All I Know” is a beautiful song with a great lyric – “All I know is I don’t Know.” How many times have we all felt that? “If You’re Leaving Me” is another beautiful, poignant moment on the album. It’s truly a sad song, but very sweet and heartfelt.

Overall, this album is great. It’s the perfect album to listen to while cruising along in the car, relaxing on the beach, or working out at the gym with all of it’s energy and great hooks and beats. Give it a try and enjoy it! Visit Brian Ray’s website at www.brian-ray .com and add him to your myspace if you have one!

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