More News from Microsoft’s X06 Event in Barcelona

Following on the tail of the groundbreaking X06 reports, Microsoft announces a slew of new reasons for Xbox 360 owners to rejoice. It was revealed today, (though it wasn’t ever really a secret) that the sequel to the critically renowned Project Gotham Racing 3 is in the works. The title offers almost no possibility of disappointment, as it is made by the same developers, Bizarre Creations, that made the previous three installments.

In other announcements, British developer Rare announced that they will be bringing their much cherished platformer Banjo Kazooie to the Xbox 360 complete with next generation visuals and all the same personality and fun that has become Rare’s signature. No official release date has been announced although it is speculated that it may release sometime in 2007.

Possibly the biggest announcement of the event for nostalgic first person shooter fans, was the announcement that the classic FPS Doom will see release on Xbox Live Arcade today. While this was not unexpected, the news that the game will be updated to feature four-player co-op as well as four-player deathmatch.

Wannabe rockers will also have reason for mirth and merriment today as Microsoft announced that the sequel to Red Octane’s superlative Guitar Hero will be coming to the Xbox 360. Downloadable content is also confirmed to be released on Xbox Live. The 360 version will also get a new form of the guitar hero axe called the X-plorer. The 360 version is slated to be released sometime next year, the Playstation 2 version will see release this November.

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