Mortgage, Credit Card, Investment, and Debt Help: A Review of Finance Research Websites

The Internet, once a source of valuable information, has changed. Where you could once type in a keyword and find exactly what you were looking for, you now have to fight your way through thousands of pages that offer nothing more than ads. This is never truer than when trying to find information on financial topics. The websites that do offer genuine information are buried so far under these ad-sites that you may never come across them without first knowing they exist. As a freelance writer who writes almost exclusively on financial topics, I’ve spent a significant amount of time digging through hundreds of thousands of websites, searching for those that offer valuable information to consumers. This article will list the sites that I use most often in my research. A trip to any of these sites will save you hours of searching, pop-ups, and spam. has hundreds of finance articles that can answer just about any question you have. This website covers mortgage loans, payday loans, debt consolidation, car loans, credit cards, and student loans. The articles on this website are written for the uneducated consumer, and they cover all levels of credit. If you’re having debt problems, there are articles that offer tips on getting out of debt, improving your credit score, and getting debt consolidation help. If you’re buying a new home, there are articles that explain the different types of mortgages and offer tips on saving money and avoiding common pitfalls. is consistently updated, and new articles are listed at the bottom of the home page. It is a great source for anyone researching financial information. covers many of the same topics as However, focuses more on general information than consumer tips. Additionally, they offer articles on car insurance, car warranties, and income taxes. Linked to is its sister site, offers information on buying and selling a home in different communities across the United States. This website offers articles designed to help consumers find a home, realtor, and moving company.
If you’re looking for valuable financial information, government websites can be extremely helpful. Government publications are strictly for educational purposes. covers the general aspects of finances – mortgages, credit, debt, etc. – but it also covers other financial topics: investing, taxes, starting a small business, and retirement planning. Additionally, the website is available in Spanish. Though this website is very informative and useful, it is difficult to navigate. There is no search capacity within the site, so you’ll have to scan through article titles until you find what you are looking for.

It is very important for consumers to be educated on financial topics in order to avoid scams. Predatory lenders prey on uneducated consumers, so, before you agree to any contract, visit these websites, educate yourself, and speak with a financial advisor.

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