Morton’s Steak House in Columbus: A Memorable Experience

Tucked at the base of a tall office building at the corner of High Street and Nationwide Boulevard in Columbus is a great steak house with an unassuming entrance. As you pull up to Morton’s, you almost have to know it’s there or you’d miss it. Valet parking is mandatory at this city location unless you are on foot from a nearby hotel. As you pull up, a parking attendant will greet you immediately. You will want to have reservations.

As you enter you can check your coat or personal items. If you have to wait for your table you can go into the bar. Now this is a bar! There’s lots of wood everywhere with plush sofas and chairs to the side. It’s a very manly old fashioned place to have a cocktail.

On to dinner you will notice professionalism everywhere. The people who work at Morton’s are not just making a little extra money, they are professionals. Well dressed and polite to a fault. After being seated one of the Morton’s waiters or waitresses will present you with their “visual menu” unless you state that you are familiar with it. This is a large platter they show you with all the major menu items wrapped in plastic so you can see how large the steaks and fish fillets are and look at the wonderfully plump produce and large potatoes. It’s a novel concept and will have your mouth watering for their expensive entrÃ?©es. Nothing is a package deal at Morton’s. You will order a steak separate from your chosen side dishes. A dinner for two at Morton’s can easily run you about $150-$200, especially if you order a bottle of wine.

All the old fashioned restaurant traditions are in effect at Morton’s. If you order wine, expect the waiter to offer a sniff of the cork and a little taste before approve the purchase. They seem also to have a knack for being right at the table when you need something. If your water glass is low, it is magically filled. It’s amazing. They must be instructed to watch your every move so they can fill your needs without you having to ask. They will even come by and scrape the crumbs after you’ve sampled the bread.

I’m not a salad eater so I opt for the French onion soup. I don’t think I’ve ever had any better. My wife will have a salad and has never been disappointed.

The steaks are as you’d expect them to be: wonderful. You can order the cut of your choice which range all the way up to a tummy stuffing 48 ounces. The baked potatoes are extremely large. Instead of asking which potato toppings you desire, they bring by a lazy Suzan with mounds of butter, sour cream and chives and ask you when to stop piling it on. My wife always has the Salmon and states there is none better than at Morton’s. You’d better come hungry. If you want a soufflÃ?© for desert you’ll have to order at the beginning of your meal because they are made to order. The wait people are sure to tell you this.

To point out just how much Morton’s caters to you, near the end of our meal the waiter asked if we had our parking ticket. Confused, I handed it over. He stated that he would have our car ready when we were leaving. Just like clockwork, we walked out of the restaurant into our waiting vehicle all wormed up and ready to go.

It’s not cheap but if you are looking for a night out on the town for a special occasion. Morton’s will make you feel like royalty. Dress appropriately and by all means have reservations. Morton’s of Columbus is at 280 North High Street. Their phone number is: 614-462-4442. You can also make reservations online at Originating in Chicago they now have locations in many major cities. Check their web site for details.

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