Organize a Pancake Breakfast

A pancake breakfast can be a great idea if you are looking to spend some quality time with family and friends, or looking to feed breakfast to a hungry crowd at a sleepover.

There are some basics to organising this kind of a breakfast which should be kept in mind. It is not a particularly tough task, but it needs presence of mind and attention to detail in order to make the whole thing as smooth as buttering a pancake.

Things Required:

– Pancake mix
– Maple syrup
– Butter
– Tables
– Chairs
– Crockery


  • 1

    Have People Over

    Let the people you intend to invite know in advance so that everyone can show up. The larger the gathering, the more fun it will be. You can send out invitations, or simply call people up and let them know about the plan.

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    Organise Seating

    If you have a large kitchen and dining area, this breakfast can be held indoors. Otherwise, arrange for some seats and a canopy outside. Line the tables up outside nicely, so that everyone can enjoy themselves and have enough space to move around easily. Set the tables with napkins, plates, and cutlery.

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    These are the focus of the get together in the first place. It is best if these are made at the same time as people are eating them, so they remain hot and fresh. You will need a lot of batter ready, as well as someone who is an expert at making pancakes. Ideally you should make them yourself. Just make sure that the supply does not stop. Ensure you have help for serving the pancakes.

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    Try Different Varieties

    Try a couple of different styles that you are comfortable with making. This will add a bit more fun to the gathering. For example, you can try making pancakes in different shapes, or do different flavours like chocolate, or red velvet. You can also provide toppings like chocolate syrup or chopped nuts for your guests.

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    Have Plenty of Supplies

    Along with the pancakes, a lot of butter and maple syrup will be required. Since several people will be eating at the same time, make sure you get lots of syrup bottles so that everyone can enjoy at the same time and not have to wait for others to toss a bottle over. Try getting plenty of smaller bottles, as these will ensure that you are not left with liters of maple syrup when the breakfast is done.

  • 6

    Have Fun

    Enjoy yourself and make sure that everyone else enjoys the breakfast too. This is the purpose of the event, so make sure that it is fulfilled.

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