How to Choose the Right Cheese

Cheese adds richness to our food. It tastes heavenly on almost everything;baked potatoes, pastas, pizzas and the list goes on. Cheese has multiple varieties, each with its own unique taste, maturity and even aroma. Choosing which variety of cheese for any dish that you are making can be quite a tricky thing, unless you are an expert in the field. There is extensive literature on writers traveling around the world, tasting cheese varieties and writing on them. Today, the internet has all the information you need to choose the right variety to use in your particular dish. There are five main categories of cheese. An understanding of them can help you make your dishes the perfect way.


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    The first and most basic cheese category is fresh cheese. It is freshly drained from the milk in curd form and has a raw taste. Goat cheese and cream cheese are available fresh and can be consumed on their own with a bit of flavoring and seasoning. Cottage cheese and mozzarella are two fresh cheese varieties that can be used as topping on several items like pizzas and salads.

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    The next cheese category is soft cheese. It is ripened form of cheese but is not mature. It is drier than fresh cheese and more solid. It tastes great on pastas. Feta, Brie and Camembert are famous soft cheese varieties.

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    Semi soft cheese is another category that is smooth and melts well easily. It is known for its consistency and smoothness of taste. Famous soft cheese varieties are Monterary Jack and Havrati. They are best used on sandwiches, in salads and casseroles. They spread easily and give that specific cheesy finish to dishes.

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    Firm cheeses are hard in texture and have a salty flavor to them. They are firm and can be sliced to be put into sandwiches and burgers. They can also be crumbled into slices. Cheddar and Gouda are two famous firm cheese varieties.

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    Hard cheese has the most solid texture  and it is aged and fully ripened. They are used as grated and shredded to be used in soups, pastas, and casseroles. They are a rich addition to such foods and have a coarse texture. Hard cheese takes its time to mature but is worth the wait. A hard cheese variety known as Parmesan is a famous topping for many of our favorite foods.

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