Moving Out of the House? Take No Prisoners!!

Moving out of the house is never easy, and doing it right means never having to say you’re sorry. There is a lot of heart-wrench involved in leaving a familiar domestic environment and settling into a strange one. But when there is no way around it, here are two reasons for being prepared with a master plan for moving out of the house and taking no prisoners:

· Having the operation planned and streamlined will save time, money and effort.
· Following a plan will keep the moving heebie-jeebies and nagging feelings of regret at bay.

If you are moving out of the house and have a sizeable household to move across the state, you will of course need the services of a moving company. Whether you contract such services or choose the U-Haul option, you will finally find yourself left with an amazing amount of stuff that has no real place in a new household.

The Debris of Domesticity

Moving out of the house means throwing away those things that you want to hold on to but takes up a bunch of space. Old books, carpets, furniture… nobody escapes the awful ‘do we keep it or throw/give it away’ point of decision. Lugging obsolete stuff like that to the new home is not only expensive – nobody really wants to start afresh with old accessories, but sentimentality is a powerful force.

One great idea to help your moving out of the house is a garage sale. If a garage sale is in order, you should know that there are far more progressive ways of launching one these days. You would probably not have the time or nerve to post notices around the neighborhood anyway, and a traditional garage sale is HARD AND DIRTY WORK. It involves sorting the junk, categorizing it and displaying it to advantage in restricted space. The process of physically haggling with bargain hunters is also not one of life’s greatest thrills. The best option is to peddle your obsoletes over the Internet.

Cybersale Magic

Another great idea to help you move out of the house is the Internet. Ebay is great for selling old unwanted items and you will be surprised at how fast some of your unwanted items can sell. Just because your fascination for them has worn off over the years doesn’t mean that others won’t find them novel. There are many advantages to selling them online, but the most significant ones are:

· You don’t get your hands dirty and sell things individually.
· You don’t have a lot of strangers invading your territory at a time when you are probably at emotional ebb.
· You will get a better price.

So how do you go about it? Contact online auction houses and go from there. Check out the various sites listed like There are plenty of others to choose from, so shop around until you find the most suitable one.

One final tip to help you move out of the house and take no prisoners is to plan the selling of your unwanted goods well ahead of the actual moving date. Although it can take a little time, the process is worth it to alleviate stress and allow you to have a successful moving out of the house experience.

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