Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker

We love our coffee, and we brew a pot every morning. We needed a reliable coffee maker that would brew a pot of coffee in a short amount of time, hubby takes a cup of joe in his insulated mug as he leaves for work, while I relax with coffee while reading email.

This Mr. Coffee has some wonderful features! There is a digital clock on the front of the coffee maker, with individual buttons for the hour and minute, so it is very easy to set. A small light illuminates for PM. With this feature, you can pre-set the Mr. Coffee to start brewing on it’s own. We always get it ready with the water and the coffee the night before, and have it set to start brewing coffee for 6 am the next morning. When we come downstairs in the morning, we are greeted to the wonderful aroma of our favorite blend and our coffee is hot and waiting for us! What a nice way to start the day.

I find the small batch brewing feature nice for when I’m making coffee for one. If you only need four cups or less, there is a mode for this. It extends the brewing cycle by 30% for optimal saturation of the coffee.

The warmer plate is stain resistant, so it is easy to clean up with a wet dishcloth. Other models I’ve owned got pretty nasty looking over time and were indeed much harder to keep clean.

I am a person who is obsessed with leaving something turned on when I leave the house! I have to make sure the oven is off, that my curling iron is unplugged, and so forth. This Mr. Coffee machine has an automatic shut off. After it has been on for two hours, it will beep three times and then shut itself off. This simply gives me one less thing to worry about! My coffee is usually gone in 2 hours, but there are times when I get an interruption or have to leave the house unexpectedly. I love this auto shut off feature!

The Automatic Pause ‘N Serve has a drip stop valve built in so that if you are in a hurry for that first cup, you can sneak one before it is finished brewing, and you will not have hot coffee all over your counter top! It gives you 30 seconds to sneak that cup of coffee!

If you have hard water, you know that lime scale can quickly build up in a coffee maker, and that they require cleaning more often. I am too busy to remember when I last cleaned my Mr. Coffee, but with this machine I don’t have to remember. A “clean” light flashes on and off when the coffeemaker needs to be cleaned. I then run white vinegar through it and we are good to go for another 60 brewing cycles! (When you run cleaners through the machine in the cleaning mode, it drips slower to allow more time for the cleaner to remove hard water deposits.)

Like many coffee makers, this Mr. Coffee also has a swing out filter basket. It also came with a plastic and metal reuseable filter basket for people who would prefer not to use paper filters – and it has a cover on the very top that lifts up to pour in the water. There is a water window on the side that shows you how much water is being added to the reservoir.

I like my counter tops to be clean and uncluttered, so I appreciate the cord storage feature that keeps the cord hidden and my counter top neat looking.

We have been totally satisfied with our Mr. Coffee, and when it dies, we will probably get another one. It brews 12 cups of coffee quite quickly. This has been a very reliable coffee machine! The bottom line: it has never failed us, and it has all the convenience features we desired.

This retailed for $40.00 at WalMart, and was available in both black and white.

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