Multi-Tasking on a Motorcycles Spells Danger

We do it by making an organizational time plan. We can also do it by doing two things at the same time or doing things simultaneously.

Reading the papers while taking a sip of black coffee, doing the laundry while cooking, watching TV while cleaning the receiving area, and fixing the brakes and motorcycle accessories while munching burger are examples of ‘doing two things at the same time’. Does this spell danger? Of course not.

However, there are instances when doing two things at the same time will not simplify work but invite danger and accident. There are many instances to prove this but vivid examples will be napping while driving, the use of mobile phones while driving. In fact, they are two of the rising causes of accidents in the present time.

Why do drivers feel sleepy? Maybe because of the medicine he has taken before driving� Another reason is lack of sleep� Maybe because of the gulps of beer � Researchers and sociologist alike who have conducted studies on road mishaps concluded drunkenness as one of the factors that triggers accidents. If you are intoxicated you will not be able to focus on the road, vehicles and passersby. This is the reason why a lot of innocent persons are injured and fall victim of road accidents.

The use of mobile phones is also risky. We can observe from our day-to-day road activities that there are a lot of drivers who answer call on the road. Regardless whether they are in the midst of a hush or busy street, they can’t resist the temptation of answering every call.

Lack of discipline and recklessness behind the wheel is a dangerous factor. It can take lives of a significant number of people. In reaction to this, the legislation is enacting laws to this premise. It is made crystal clear to drivers who behave in a manner that would engender the safety of others as well as their own safety.

According to the studies conducted, drivers are perceived as persons who cannot be trusted. Tragedies often result whenever they take their turn to maneuver their vehicles. Despite the caution given to them, drivers are still negligent and

Actual levels of risks are predetermined but this does not deter drivers from doing the dangerous and prohibited. Perhaps they can only stop when they are already stopped by the circumstances. But I hope not.

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