Musical Chairs in America

Except for those (ever-decreasing) members of the securely wealthy, living life in these New United States – fighting to live in them, actually – might be threatening to one’s health.

I know. I’ve lived it, and continue to. I’ve been too close enough to the edge too many times now for that observation to be a mere self-pitying construct of my (dismissively slandered and would-be) “liberal” imagination.

This is the very harshest thing I can say about my countrymen right now: for those without supportive friends or families to lend them a hand – and genuine friendship is a lost art nowadays, too – it’s not so much that falling through the widening financial cracks and into destitution might leave one homeless or dead – rather, it’s that the overwhelming number of residents of this once great land simply don’t give a rat’s ass whether that happens to their neighbors or not.

Do I need to repeat that?

When the music stops, many actually still believe “they’ll” get their chair – and you won’t. So it’s toodle-oo, loser. Don’t let the planks slap you in the butt as you topple down, whining like the wimps you are, into your much-deserved abysses.

Life in New America is about winners and losers – and that’s it.

That’s it.

If you lose, if you fall through the cracks, not only won’t there be anyone there to help you back up in most instances now, but you’re expected – expected! – to simply go quietly, and accept your fate. You’re labeled a “loser,” in these twisted New United States, and that’s all there is to it. So get used to it.

Or croak, already.

We’ve become a nation of misanthropes, thanks to a marked absence of humility (holding one’s own behavior up to any meaningful or responsible standards), and an as-yet-undiagnosed culture of rage that mostly seeks to kill or be killed – be that murder or suicide figurative or, you know âÂ?¦ what the hell – literal.

Hasn’t anyone been watching the news, movies, television and video games this past decade?


Forget about Fox Nation spin control to resolve this crisis: for our refusal to speak the truth even among ourselves, while remaining doggedly stuck in an outlandish culture of denial, will lead to our ultimate ruin. You can bet on it. Even give points.

This game of musical chairs, initiated by the smugly blind and wealthy, will prove to be the first crack in our national levee – and that will quickly swamp this sport while the rest of the levees break, likely leaving us lost, devastated or drowned.

Does anyone remember The Great Depression?

Oh, what – there once was a “Great Depression?”

Vote Republican in this next presidential election, and stand back and watch the floodwaters begin to race in, pummeling everything in their path. Best be on high ground for that one.

The Democrats may not be able to stop the devastation, either – but at least they’ll be motivated to try.

Republicans, it should be clear by now, are only interested in savoring high fives. Oh, that – and maybe waiting for The Rapture to sweep them off to live with God.

âÂ?¦In Heaven, where God nods right along with Life’s Graduates as they All watch Fox News. (Sorry, Gunch.)

Yeh, and you know what? – that pretty much sums up this diatribe.

Angry much? You bet your bleeping ass I am.

Aren’t you, yet?

# # #

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