Are We Ready?

Are we ready ??

Are we ready for a woman to lead the U.S.?
Can a woman lead without being judged on her dress ?
Give women the chance and you’ll be impressed.

Strong, but excluded for so many years
Seen as weak if she sheds a tear
Called insecure if she has any fears
Exploited and criticized on what she holds dear

Are we ready?

Hilary Clinton was a past First Lady.
She can help save a country that needs saving.
Fellow Americans should stop complaining.
Who cares if she wears black, red, or navy?

Are we ready?

It’s about more!
She was working on the government instead of doing chores!
She ran for president in 2008
She instead became Secretary of State

Are we ready?

Were we ready for women to vote?!
Were we ready for a women to take the path that SHE chose?!
Were we ready for a woman to be in the workplace, not just standing over a stove??!

Get ready.

We need a woman to pave the way.
More women should be involved in campaigns.
Perseverance will ease the pain
If we just hold on and endure the rain.

Are we ready ?

Hilary Clinton could lead this nation
And if she does, it’ll be a celebration
She rose to the top without having to have “relations”.
Because the first female president is a special occasion.

Get ready!

Get ready ladies!
Get ready men!
Hopefully Hilary will run for president again.
But this time, she’ll win.

Get ready.

Women are tired of “waiting their turns”
There is a fire inside that burns!
We must stand tall and be stern
Sit back, pay attention, watch, and learn.

‘Cause we’re ready!

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