On Thanksgiving Remember to Brow Beat the Relatives About Obamacare

COMMENTARY | Apparently Organizing for America, President Obama’s community organizing front group, has some suggestions of how to really celebrate Thanksgiving while packing in the turkey and stuffing.

The OFA suggests that that dwindling number of people who still think Obamacare is the greatest piece of social legislation ever actually use the occasion of Thanksgiving dinner and other holiday greetings to browbeat their relatives about the joys of signing up for health care insurance on the exchanges. It was even provided some helpful talking points.

Are there no depths that this regime will not plunge in order to amass absolute power? Now it proposes that we ruin our holidays, already truncated because a lot of people lack money to buy gifts.

Imagine the scene with the extended family gathered around the table groaning with a thanksgiving feast. As Uncle Seymour carves the bird, he turns to all assembled and asks, “Well, have you signed up for Obamacare? And if not, why not?”

To which Cousin Hattie responds, “I tried signing up and the accursed website kept kicking me off.”

And then brother-in-law Harry chimes in, “I just got notice that I’m losing my health insurance because of that law.”

Yelling and raised voices ensue.

The last thing people want to hear around their Thanksgiving table is political proselytizing. Indeed most wise families forbid discussions of politics as well as sex or religion at the dinner table. That the folks at Organizing for America do not realize the proper table manners do not include picking political arguments show that they were obviously not well brought up.

This writer’s advice is that one should ignore the blandishments of the OFA and talk about things around the Thanksgiving table that will not cause food to be thrown about. Talk about ones kids or where one went for one’s summer vacation. Talk about what a pain ones boss at work is or which is the better movie, “Thor” or “The Hunger Games.” Leave Obamacare out. It will still be there the next day when one is wondering what to do with leftovers, alas.

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