Must Have Electronics!

Skype Internet Phone

Netgear’s Skype WiFi Phone lets you make free calls to other Skype users anywhere in the world, anytime you have WiFi access, without a PC. All of your contacts are shown right on the phone’s color display, so you will know exactly who is online. You can even make calls to, and receive calls from ordinary, land-line phones using SkypeOut and SkypeIn for just pennies a minute and no monthly fees. It will work anywhere in the world you have a secure or open access to a WiFi network-in any home, office, or public hot-spot. The Polycom Communicator is a hands-free speakerphone that works via USB for conference calls. Motorola’s Skype Talk and Tunes Headset is Bluetooth-enabled so you can transition seamlessly between Internet calls and music.
Price: $250.00
Manufacturer: Netgear

Instant-Replay Binoculars

Bushnell has created this new hybrid binoculars and camera combination. You can immediately replay your magic moments and action shots on the LCD screen. This is the only available model whose camera sensor records exactly what the binoculars see (on other models, the camera has its own separate lens). They can shoot 3.2 mega-pixel still photos or 30 seconds of video, great for both sports and wildlife observers. The camera is equipped with a 32 MB internal memory and a CF card slot. They also feature an 8x camera magnification.
Price: $600.00
Manufacturer: Bushnell

Visual Voice Recorder

Here’s a great multi-tasking gadget-a dictaphone and camera in one. The digital-voice recorder has a built-in camera (1.2 mega-pixel, 4X digital zoom) and color LCD screen. So you can capture boardroom presentations, lecture notes or your friends dancing a jig. The 256MB flash memory is capable of storing about 4,000 photos or 93 hours of chat. Thumbnails and folder names are displayed on the LCD, making it easy to navigate to and from desired screens. This sleek device has it all in a compact, stylized package.
Price: $399.00
Manufacturer: Sony
Model/Product #: ICD-CX50

Wireless Fabric Keyboard

Hate traveling with your full-size laptop? Here’s the perfect solution. A new, ultra-lightweight keyboard that is compatible with smart phones, PDAs and hand-held devices. Made of fabric, the keyboard is portable, QWERTY and Bluetooth enabled. It delivers all the capabilities of a full laptop-size keyboard. The Wireless Fabric Keyboard is made from Eleksen’s ElekTex smart fabric. It is water-repellent, super durable and comes with a mobile phone/PDA stand. Weighing only 2.4-onces, it can be rolled up when not in use to fit easily in a pocket or handbag. Click here to see other products from this episode.
Price: $159.00
Manufacturer: Eleksen

Wireless Weather Forecaster

This mini meteorologist gives you the five-day forecast at a glance. It continuously receives AccuWeather data wirelessly via a radio signal for real-time, up-to-date weather information. No computer, cords or cables are needed. The Wizard automatically recognizes your geographical location-no settings required. It displays temperature (with daily high and low readings), and mini icons to display weather conditions. It also provides weather for five cities in your area. With the new e-ink display, the Weather Wizard can operate continuously for a year on just two AAA batteries. A built-in self-setting clock also connects wirelessly to provide amazingly accurate time.
Price: $85.00
Manufacturer: Brookstone
Model/Product #: # 532929

Motorola X205 Gaming Headset

Motorola’s new X205 Gaming Headset sports the same look and feel as the ones all the NFL coaches use on the sidelines. Compatible with both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2, it features a noise-canceling microphone and a premium full-mono ear cup. You use your voice to call the plays and yell at others online. So next time your receiver misses a pass in the end zone, be careful not to spike the headset to the ground.
Price: $49.99
Manufacturer: Motorola

WeatherHawk Personal Weather Station

This personal weather station can sense wind speed and direction, outdoor air temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, barometric pressure and rainfall on your property. When connected to your home computer and a home automation system, the WeatherHawk can help manage your home. It can be programmed to open or shut curtains or blinds for energy conservation and to block sunlight and manage sprinkler systems for efficient water use and lawn care.
Price: $2,314.00
Manufacturer: WeatherHawk Division of CSI

Wireless TV

No cables, no plugs! This new wireless TV from Sony combines all of your favorite gadgets into one amazing, portable unit – TV, DVD, Internet, e-mail and digital photos. Feel free to move around the house with it. As long as you are within 100 feet from the TV’s base station or hub you will have a quality signal.
Price: $920.00
Manufacturer: Sony

Ferrari Laptop

Computer companies are joining forces with ultra-glam car companies to create the ultimate power computing experience. Enter the Lamborghini laptop, Ferrari laptop and the Hummer laptop. They’re feature-packed, with speed and style to match their super car counterparts. The Hummer laptop has the same military toughness as the vehicle and comes equipped with built-in GPS, outdoor viewable screen and a tough, shock-mounted shell. The Ferrari laptop sports the same sexy logo as the car and is finished in an Italian-style racy red.
Price: Starting at $1,379.00
Manufacturer: Acer Inc.

Hummer Laptop

Rugged, powerful and very distinctive, the all-new HUMMER LAPTOP computer is a go-anywhere wireless computer to keep you connected while you pursue life’s adventures. Wherever you live your life-at home, on the road, on campus or in the rugged outdoors-the HUMMER LAPTOP will keep you in touch, even when the going gets tough.
Price: Starting at $2,095.00

Internet Anywhere!

The Nokia 770 Internet Tablet lets you browse your favorite sites and catch up on your email from wherever you roam with broadband Wi-Fi access.
Price: $360.00
Manufacturer: Nokia

Virtual Laser Keyboard

You can use the VKB (Virtual PC Keyboard) with your laptop, desktop PC, and compatible mobile device, Smartphone or PDA. The virtual laser keyboard (VKB) works by using both infrared and laser technology to produce an invisible circuit and project a full-size virtual QWERTY keyboard on to any surface. The keyboard behaves exactly like a real one: direction technology based on optical recognition enables the user to tap the images of the keys, complete with realistic tapping ‘sounds’ which feeds into the compatible PDA, Smartphone, laptop or PC.
Price: $229.00
Manufacturer: Compact Impact

Ion ITTUSB Turntable

Get those old vinyl records out of the closet. Ion has introduced the first USB-compatible turntable, so now you can burn all your old vinyl onto CDs or load them onto your MP3 player. The turntable comes with recording software that is compatible with Macs and PCs. Also included is a trial of Soundsoap 2 for cleaning and restoring old vinyl. The turntable transfers both 33-1/3 rpm albums and 45 rpm singles to digital formats, so you can take your old record collection with you anywhere.
Price: $149.95
Manufacturer: Ion Audio

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