New Technology Causes Drop in Prices on Standard Laptops

Traditionally a Laptop or Notebook computer was an expensive luxury compared to a standard desktop computer. Internal components are smaller and more delicate than the desktop computer parts and the general compact nature and increased difficulty to build has made the laptop expensive. With any advance in technology the so called old technology takes a downward shift in price. Notable advances in technology are new Duo Core processor from Intel and the HD DVD players.

The big question is do we really need this new technology for most people the answer is no. American culture dictates that we always want the best new thing so undoubtedly the new next generation laptops will sell well. For the few of us who don’t feel the need for the next best thing can pickup some real bargains. In terms of old technology top of range system can now be picked up for $500 – $600.

The new style DVD players notably the Blu Ray from Sony don’t give us the ability to watch DVDs but seemingly make the experience all that better. However its worth noting that you can also watch DVDs with the $600 systems, some even feature DVD writers which is hardly old technology. As for the new Duo Core processors, well the average user will not notice a difference. The new processors are designed to allow multiple multimedia programs at the same time without affecting performance. Obviously the average user doesn’t need to do that and what is most concerning is how quickly windows loads and how quickly individual programs load. The results from a $600 laptop is very good in this regard.

To give some idea without mentioning any names the specifications on the $600 laptops are much more impressive than you would think. Many feature fast processors averaging around 1.5 GHZ, 512 MB RAM which is very good & 80 GB hard drive. Many also feature DVD writers, so if your prepared to sacrifice new technology there are certainly deals out there. My advice would be stay away from the new technology I really don’t think its worth it and quite frankly what is the point on buying something you won’t use or notice. To pickup a basic laptop for $600 is one thing but to pick a top of line system up for this kind of money is surely unthinkable only a couple of years ago. So go pickup a bargain.

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