My Experiences at Bob’s Discount Furniture Store in Stoughton, Massachusetts

Several years ago we went looking for living room furniture. We went to stores such as Ethan Allen, which I consider higher priced furniture; Jordan’s Furniture, which I consider middle of the road priced furniture; Bernie & Phyll’s and Bob’s Discount Furniture both of which I consider low end price wise. We went back to each store at least twice. Why did we end up buying a couch, chair and coffee table from Bob’s? The prices were great and this store had material I liked.

Our living room furniture has held up well. We use it daily since our television is in our living room. We had a minor problem with the chair. I called customer service. A service person came down on a timely manner and fixed the problem.

Bob’s Discount Furniture stores are located in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island. We went to the store at 601 Technology Center Drive in Stoughton, MA. Call them at 781-341-3136. Their hours are Monday through Saturday from 10:00a.m. to 10:00p.m. and Sunday from 11:00a.m. to 7:00p.m. the Paramus, NJ store is closed on Sundays.
Stoughton, MA 02072

Bob’s story is interesting. I read it on It seems that Bob had a motorcycle accident in the 70s. His doctor told him to sleep on a waterbed. He then started selling waterbeds because he liked his bed so much. In the early 80s he opened several waterbed stores. Some of you might remember remember how popular waterbeds were and then in the 90s they sort of fizzled out. Bob and a man named Gene went into the furniture business together after the waterbed industry dried up. Bob’s Discount Furniture was born.

The products are guaranteed free from manufacturing defects for at least one year. After the warranty expires Bob’s offers what they call “in-home best-effort service for manufacturing defects, to the original purchaser at the original address.”

When it came to buying a new bedroom set recently we went through the same process as we did with our living room furniture. Each time we walked into Bob’s we were greeted but never assaulted or followed around. The store in Stoughton is large but all on one floor. It is set up in an easy to follow way. Best of all is their free cafÃ?©. You’ll find ice cream, penny candy, beverages, popcorn and more along with tables. You are asked not to take the food out of the cafÃ?©. This is a really nice perk to shopping here. We often want some time to think about our purchases. The cafÃ?© gives us a place to do that and have fun.

I had a very positive experience with customer service and one that was a bit frustrating but ended well. The first experience had to do with the timing of the delivery of our bedroom set. I was having a surprise birthday party for my husband on a Sunday. Bob’s told me they couldn’t possibly deliver the set (bed and head and food boards, armoire, chest of drawers, dresser, night table, lamp and a jewelry armoire) until the following week. When my husband was out of the house I called Bob’s and explained the situation. I was told they would call me back. That same day I was called back and told they would deliver the items on Friday! I told them after they said it that I would write an article praising this accommodation for me.

When the furniture came we were told to look at it and make sure that everything looked ok. I was concerned about some scratches on the jewelry armoire and spoke with Customer Care about it. This was noted and I was told to call back within three days if I wanted to return or exchange it. I didn’t want to return or exchange it. I thought someone could come down and perhaps fix up the scratches. In addition one of the doors didn’t close properly. It took me longer than three days to get through. No one answered; the answering machine wasn’t working; I was ready to pull the hair out of my head because I was concerned that the three days were up. As it turned out that wasn’t an issue and eventually I got through but was told that this piece was the last one. I thought that meant it was the sample and was a bit upset that they would sell me a sample at full price. In fact it wasn’t a sample but it was the last one. A very nice man came down and while at our house touched up a couple of minor areas on other pieces. (Remember this is not top of the line material. I’m not even sure it’s wood!) He couldn’t do anything about the door on my jewelry armoire. . Once again I spoke to customer service who gave me a 40% discount on the piece.

I am consistently pleased with Bob’s Discount Furniture and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the store and I would certainly shop there again.

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