My Response to Doctor’s Orders

My doctor says I must be good
And do exactly as I should.
I tried to promise him I would
That is, of course, if I but could.

Sleep, he said, is so essential.
It can’t be inconsequential.
Maybe I can get a rental
So I don’t become all mental.

I’m told to eat three times a day;
To put my weight issues away
And make my health come back to stay
So that I will have years to play.

I’m to find the time to relax.
My mind I’m not supposed to tax.
He says to let go and be lax;
To play it cool right in my tracks.

But who will do all of my chores?
Clean the house and wax the floors?
Do the laundry and straighten drawers?
Run the errands; go to the stores?

Who will all of my houses clean?
And listen to my family’s dream?
Out think my mother’s will to scheme?
And cook the meals with the right theme?

Who’ll tell my boss to get a clue;
No extra work am I to do.
Will extra cash come from the blue
To pay the bills so we’ll get through?

It’s simple to sit and advise
Without knowing the how’s and why’s.
Why can’t physicians realize
They often force us into lies?

I have responsibility
And those who must depend on me:
Bills as far as the eye can see
So I must be all I can be.

I promise I will really try
To do what’s needed to get by
I won’t break down and I won’t cry
I’ll put my faith in God on high.

With His help and while in His care
All of my burdens I will share.
The peace I need I will find there
If I believe and I just dare.

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