MySims Kingdom DS: Where to Find Essences for the Synth-O-Matic and to Build New Houses

One of the most creative parts of MySims Kingdom DS is the use of the Essence Extractor and the Synth-O-Matic. These two items work together to help add more depth and objects to the game. As you learn very quickly in the game, you must activate your Essence Extractor, point it at different outdoor objects, and then combine the essences to create more outdoor items to decorate your town with and to have Torajiro build new houses for you.

For people who love to collect series of items and have one of everything, this is one part of MySims Kingdom DS that will have you hooked for hours and hours. To eventually get all the items in the game, you’ll have to know where to find each type of Essence to use in the Synth-O-Matic.

Following are where you can find sources of Essences in MySims Kingdom DS:

Leaf Essence: To find the leaf Essence, you have a few options. The most common places to find this Essence are tree stumps, your houses, and Torajiro’s (the carpenter’s) house.

Fire Essence: You can find this one by pointing your Extractor at the trees that look like Weeping Willows (known as Cool Trees in the game) as well as Roy’s furniture shop.

Heart Essence: By planting some of the Lovely trees, you’ll easily be able to find the heart Essence. The Lovely Tree is the one with the pink flowers on it. Also, any of the phone booths are good sources for the heart Essence.

Water Essence: Searching for fountains around the different areas of the game is the best source for this Essence.

Diamond Essence: One of the few places to find the blue diamond Essence is at the kayaking race course located in the Mangrove Forest.

Star Essence: As you’re building new houses, the star will be the most important Essence to have plenty of. Luckily, you can find them in many places such as lamp posts, Lovely House 2, and the trees with fiery red leaves located by the River’s Edge.

Brown Diamond Essence: To build up your supply of brown diamonds, you can use your Extractor on most of the flowers you find in your town. Another place to find them is by using the Extractor on the Mayor’s house.

Bubble Essence: Both of the Curio Shops located in the game will give you the bubble Essence. When you get the snowman from the Synth-O-Matic, you will have another source of the bubble Essence.

Moon Essence: In the beginning of the game, one of the only places to get this Essence is by using the Extractor on Dr. F’s Laboratory. Once you have the Heliport plans, you can use the Extractor to get more of the moon Essence.

Question Mark Essence: Trash cans in town will be one of the easiest places to find this Essence.

Planet Essence: The ski slope, the stone pillar, and the slide will help you built up your collection of the planet Essence.

It’s possible to spend lots of time running around the different areas of MySims Kingdom DS trying to find Essences. To cut down on the time it takes, set up an area in the Mangrove Forest as an Essence Farm. Any time you bring a home plan to Torajiro but you run out of Essences to have them built, you can go to your Essence farm, extract the Essences you need, and then quickly return to his house to get your projects built.

Since the kayaking race course is one of the only sources of the diamond Essence in MySims Kindom DS, you will want to build your Essence farm there. Then, you can place the following items there: a tree stump, a Cool tree (the weeping willow one), a telephone booth, a lamp post, some flowers, a snowman, a Heliport, a trash bin, a stone pillar, and a fountain.

Having all of these items in one convenient location will save you time in finding the Essences that you need to build up your MySims Kingdom DS village.

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