MySpace Comedy: Where the Comedians Are

MySpace recently launched MySpace comedy, a section made especially for comedians to promote themselves and their comedy. Following in the footsteps of MySpace Music and MySpace Film, this new section is sure to introduce many new fans to up-and-coming performers. MySpace claims to have registered 7500 comedians already.

So why should comedians bother to set up a profile on MySpace? Well considering the fact that MySpace now has over 97 million users, it’s evident that MySpace is the place to be. A MySpace comedy profile allows comedians to post updates, tour dates, interact with fans and of course, post video and audio clips of their acts.

Through MySpace, comedians have been able to reach thousands, even millions of fans. Dane Cook is one of the best examples of a comedian who used online social networking sites, such as MySpace, to promote himself and his comedy, and look at where he is now! He’s one of today’s hottest comedians and his latest CD release has already broken comedy records.

So who are some of the most popular comedians on MySpace these days? Here’s a rundown of who’s topping the list now. Check them out to see what all the talk (and laughs) are about.

[Larry The Cable Guy]
147,000+ friends

Add Larry The Cable Guy

[George Lopez]
25,000+ friends

Add George Lopez

[Jim Gaffigan]
55,500+ friends

Add Jim Gaffigan

[Carlos Mencia]
110,900+ friends

Add Carlos Mencia

[Dave Chappelle]
14,900+ friends

Add Dave Chappelle

32,900+ friends

Add Tourgasm

[Steve Hoffstetter]
424,000+ friends

Add Steve Hoffstetter

[Brian Posehn]
40,500+ friends

Add Brian Posehn

[Nick Swardson]
15,600 friends

Add Nick Swardson

[Dane Cook]
1,395,000+ friends

Add Dane Cook

Don’t forget that this is just a small sampling of the great comedians that are currently on MySpace. Check out MySpace comedy for yourself to find your favorite comedian or to add yourself to the site if you’re a stand-up comic as well.

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