NFL 2006-07 AFC East Division Predictions

The AFC East is going to be like the 2006 MLB National League East. Much as the Atlanta Braves 14 straight division titles streak is going to end, so will the Patriots reign over this division. A kicker is usually just a kicker but when Adam Vinatieri is that kicker, well its a whole new ballgame. His departure is just one of the reasons that the Patriots will not win the division. There offense is just not that great, other than the QB; ole what’s his name? The Dolphins are entering the season with more hope than they’ve had since Dan Marino was commanding the team. Daunte Culpepper is a big question mark but if he is even half the player he was a few years ago, he’s better than anything the fish have had since #13. As for the filler; the Bills and Jets, well, there’s always 2019. Here’s how I think they will fall.

WINNER – Miami Dolphins. I know, the Dolphins are everybody’s ‘sexy pick’ right now. But they seem to have cleaned up some of the rubble that has surrounded them lately. 1) They got a proven quarterback in Culpepper, who could make or break their season, but if he’s on, they are gold. 2) They don’t have to deal with Ricky Williams. Some may say that this is a bad thing. They say that Ricky is a great player and brings much to the team. That may be true, but he is like T.O., in that with that talent he brings so much baggage. There comes a time when the baggage outweighs the talent. Do you really want to deal with all the media questions and scrutiny just to get 800 yards? They won’t need those 800 yards this year. Record 11-5

SECOND – New England Patriots. You heard it hear 2467th – the dynasty is over. Personally, I am of the thinking that the Patriots were the most overrated ‘dynasty coined’ team in football history. They are no different than the New York Yankees. They just go out and bring in the big names to help buy/win the championship each year. That is not a dynasty. The 70’s Steelers were, the 80’s 49’ers were, the 90’s Cowboys were, the 00’s Patriots are not. There is no way that the Patriots can win the division this year. They lost their best player not named after a 1970’s sitcom – Adam Vinatieri. I know he’s only a kicker but he was the heart and soul of the team. He is responsible for at least one Super Bowl Ring that they sport. He was, maybe, the most clutch player in recent memory. He will be missed. R.I.P. New England Patriots. Good season but no playoffs. Record 10-6

THIRD – Buffalo Bills. The Bills won’t make the playoffs unless they can bring back Kelly, Thomas, and Reed. That’s it and that’s all. In this off-season, they are, possibly, the least talked about team on all of football. Is Marv Levy still coaching? No. Do they have Bruce Smith? No. Come to think of it, how do the Bills have? Seriously, name one player on the team. Record 6-10

LAST – New York Knicks. They are, with the possible exception of the Lions, the worst team in football. How do you fix the New York Jets? First of all, get rid of Stephon Marbury, or Starbury as he likes to be called. He can’t play quarterback any better than my dog. They’d be better with Joey Harrington under center. Next, bring back Larry Brown. He’s the best coach they have had since…ever? Third, why has Isaiah Thomas been promoted to offensive coordinator? He wasn’t any good as an assistant. Unless he can suit up and get back on the field and rush for 1500 yards again, he won’t be helping them. Last, figure out a way to only play Tampa Bay at home. After last, invent a time machine, go back to the 1960’s, bring Joe Namath ‘back to the future’, relive the glory again. Record 15-67 (3-13)

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