The Top 10 NBA Draft Picks

The NBA draft is an exciting time for all NBA fans. The question is, who will be drafted by your favorite NBA teams? The top 3 picks of this year’s draft are really anybody’s guess and the top 10 picks will be filled with even more uncertainty.

The top 3 picks of the NBA draft are expeted to be Tyrus Thomas, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Adrea Bargnani. These picks will go to the Portland Trailblazers, Chicago Bulls and Charlotte Bobcats in order.

The 4th pick of the NBA draft is held by the Atlanta Hawks and they are expected to take Brandon Roy from Washington. He is a senior who plays the shooting guard position. Roy is 6’5 and has the athleticism, strength and speed needed to compete in the NBA. He has good ball handling skills and is deadly from the field. He is a very good rebounder and greatly improved his 3 point shooting last year.

The fifth pick of the draft is held by the Toronto Rapters. If Adam Morrison is not drafted in te first four picks of the draft then he will definitely fall to the Raptors at #5. Morrison will be a steal for any team that selects him, especially for the Raptors if he falls to #5. Morrison was the nation’s leading scorer and he is a great player who averaged 30 points per game in college for the Gonzaga Bulldogs. He single handedly carried his team through the playoffs. Morrison has his signature floppy hairstyle and mustache which is a bit of a throw back look. He has drawn comparisons to Larry Bird because of his knack for scoring. However I think those comparisons are a little premature. Morrison averaged few rebounds a game and few assists per game. However he has a killer jumpshot and when the game is on the line he will hit that game winning shot or grab that big rebound to help his team out. Morrison also needs to improve his defense. Still I think he will be an excellent NBA player.

The sixth pick of the NBA draft is held by the Minnesota Timberwolves. Kevin Garnett has not been happy with management and they need a good player with this pick. Rudy Gay from UCONN could be taken with this pick. The small forward will fit nicely alongside Kevin Garnett at the other forward position. Gay has enough talent that if he pushes himself and works hard he will succeed in the NBA. Scouts say that Gay needs an uptempo offense to succeed with his skills. Gay could have easily gone as the #1 pick if he had a better college season.

The 7th pick of the draft is held by the Boston Celtics and the Celtics seem to be in a rebuilding mode. Scouts from the Celtic management have said that if Randy Foye isn’t picked by then, the Celtics will pick him. Foye is a solid excellent player who will be a solid NBA player. He is from Villanova and plays the shooting guard position. He is a very competitve person and has what it takes to hit the big shot. He has great ball handling skills and plays very good defense. He has great ball handling skills and might play some point guard in the pro level.

The 8th pick of the draft is held by the Houston Rockets. It is interesting how the Rockets have this pick after they were supposed to make the playoffs this past year. They have good players in McGrady and Yao but both were injured and the team did not play up to expectations. The Duke Blue Devils Power Forward and center Sheldon Williams is expected to be taken by the Rockets. He is a great fit for them to play power forward with Yao on the team. Sheldon Williams is an amazing player, an ACC first team All American, and was an amazing college player. Scouts don’t think he will dominate the pro game quite like he did the college game. However he is still expected to be a solid NBA player. He has great shot blocking ability depsite being undersized in college at the center position at only 6’9. He is also a fierce rebounder and his defense is the best I have seen in college in a very long time. He is being compared to as a Carlos Boozer type of player and this past year he had his best offense season yet.

The 9th pick of the draft is held by the Golden State Warriors. Last year many people expected the Warriors to make the playoffs as trhey started off the season hot. However they too failed to live up to expectations and they got worse as the season progressed. They have a good foundation and nucleus in Baron Davis and Jason Richardson with youngsters Troy Murphy as well. That is why I was shocked to see ESPN draft experts thinking that they might select Marcus Williams, point guard from UCONN. However Williams might be too talented to pass up. His draft stock went down because of questionable character issues. He was suspended by the team for being found with one of his friends stealing computers. He is a pure point guard who looks to pass first and then look for his shot. He is expected to be a great point guard in the NBA as he has no real weakness.

The final team with a top 10 pick is the Seattle Supersonics. Their pick is really anyone’s guess but I think they will take Ronnie Brewer, a junior guard out of Arkansas. At 6’7 he has the hieght and quickness to play either small forward or shooting guard. He is very athletic and if he improves his shooting then he will be a good NBA player.

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