Napkin Rings Made from Paper Toweling Tubes

Kids love craft projects, and you can help your kids broaden their imagination with easy craft projects that turn ordinary disposable items such as paper toweling tubes into something useful, decorative, and extraordinary.

If you’re looking for craft projects for kids that make use of discarded paper toweling tubes, this is an easy project that kids of all ages and skill levels can complete. Paper toweling tubes can be used for a wide variety of craft projects, and paper toweling tubes are free and readily available.

Did you know that paper toweling tubes make fantastic napkin rings? Boys and girls enjoy making napkin rings to give as gifts to friends and loved ones, and to use themselves at the family table. These easy craft project instructions for parents and kids provides ideas on making and decorating beautiful decorative napkin rings made from discarded paper toweling tubes. Try this fun and easy craft project with your kids. They’ll be proud of the results they achieve with this fun and easy craft project designed especially for kids.

Necessary Supplies

For this easy craft project you’ll need paper toweling tubes, scraps of fabric, scissors, paperclips, and fabric glue. Decorative touches can include sequins, fabric flowers and foliage, faux gems, ribbon, yarn, craft foam cutouts, and any other embellishments you can think of. Provide these items to your kids, and let their imagination and creativity take over. You’ll be amazed at the beautiful napkin rings kids can design with cardboard paper toweling tubes, a few craft supplies, and decorative embellishments.


Cut the paper toweling tubes into sections approximately one-inch wide, and cut out pieces of fabric that are large enough to cover the inside and outside of the cardboard. Wrap the cardboard napkin rings as you would wrap a present, and carefully fold down and glue the edges. If the fabric doesn’t stay in place, secure the glued edges with paperclips until the glue dries.

After the glue has dried, the real fun can begin. Kids can decorate the napkin rings with color-coordinated rickrack, yarn, or ribbon. After wrapping the ribbon, rickrack, or yarn around the napkin rings, and gluing the ends in place, kids can glue on sequins, colorful buttons, faux gems, or craft foam cut outs. With craft foam, kids can make tiny butterflies, ladybugs, stars, and any other conceivable shapes. Offer a little help and advice, but let your kids do most of the creating and decorating.

Kids can make flower-covered napkin rings by removing fabric flowers and foliage from the stems, and gluing the flowers and leaves to the napkin rings. Optionally, kids can surround the flowers with faux gems or anything else they can dream up. The design options and creations your kids can make on napkin rings made from paper toweling tubes are virtually endless.

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