Narcissitic Personality Disorder

Narcissitic Personality Disorder is the most intriguing and makes the most sense of the theories presented. This condition resonates with me because it includes symptoms or behaviors that are frequently seen every day. Today it is not unusual for people, especially teenagers to think they are the center of the universe. We usually assume that they will grow out of it, but learning of Narcissitic Personality Disorder causes me to ponder if these traits linger in more people than I had originally thought. I have met people who really seemed to believe that everyone should always agree with them. I have seen them verbally abuse people who made simple mistakes and throw tantrums for almost no reason at all. Now I have some insight into how these types of behavior that we usually just shrug off might lead to some very serious problems.

As I think about some of the current popular music, movie and television stars it is clear they have adopted many of the characteristics of the Narcissitic Personality Disorder. I am thinking about those so-called stars who only talk about themselves in glowing terms even when they have been caught doing ugly, or even illegal deeds. Also, as I reflect on some of the lyrics written by young music artists I now realize that much of it is only about self-interest. This is particularly true of rap and hip-hop artists who often specialize in bragging about how great, wonderful and rich they are. It’s all about them. I even see it in the images found in videos on the various music channels where women are so often objectified, all because so many people only care that they see what they want to see. I know these situations do not mean those involved have a diagnosable disorder, only that I see how these usually innocent behaviors sometimes cross the line into deviant and sometimes criminal behavior

Narcissitic Personality Disorder, in my view may be fostered or encouraged by the way mass market items are advertised. All day, every day we are bombarded with words and images from billboards, magazines, and television that tell us that we must be the best, the brightest, have the most expensive car, the most fabulous house, perfect teeth and money to burn. It is not hard for me to see how a person, perhaps with other personality issues, could do great emotional and physical harm to anyone they believe deprives them of their perceived privilege, status or reverence.

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