7 Most Likely Ways You Will Die

We all have to die one day or the other, but with statistics being recorded for almost every death that takes place around the world, we have managed to calculate the data of how you might end up dying. It could be a heart disease, an animal attack, cancer, or even a car accident. It’s true that eventually you will die where and when you are destined to die but these stats will help you understand how the death toll has been increasing over the years due to some diseases and other factors.

Here is a list of ways through which you are expected to die and their statistics as several people lose their lives due to these particular factors.


  • 1

    Heart Disease

    It was recently revealed that every 1 in 5 persons die due to a heart disease. Currently it is the leading cause of death in the world.

  • 2


    We all know this deadly disease. It is said to be killing almost every 1 in 7 persons in the world. Currently 13% of the overall deaths that take place in the world are due to cancer.

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    Almost every 1 in 23 persons die due to a stroke. It could be a heat stroke or any other, depending upon the situation you are in.

  • 4


    Hard to believe but 1 in 36 persons around the world die due to an accident or accidental injuries which they pick up from the accident. Almost 100,000 people in total die every year due to accidents.

  • 5


    Every 1 in 121 persons actually harm themselves and commit suicide. Every 40 seconds a person tries to kill himself/herself and suicide’s death toll has reached one million every year.

  • 6

    Fire or Smoke

    You often hear about how people die due to a fire or even smoke. Well, almost 1 in every 1116 persons die due to a fire.

  • 7

    Natural Disasters

    Tornados, earthquakes, lightening-strikes are all a part of natural disasters. The death toll is huge whenever they strike and it was recently revealed that almost every 1 in 3357 people lose their lives due to a natural disaster.

    Natrual Disasters

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