How to Stop a Nagging Cough

Sometimes you become frustrated with constant nagging coughing that never sees the exit doors. It may even lead you in skipping your personal or professional commitments.

The tickling in your throat may be because of an illness or maybe chronic coughing. The coughing can be dry or phlegm-filled. However, you can take measures to control or make it bearable.

Things you’ll require:

–         Tea

–         Lemon

–         Honey

–         Cough drops

–         Decongestant

–         Expectorant


–         Humidifier

–         Steam vaporizer

–         Air purifier

–         Face mask


  • 1

    Drink water to keep throat tickle away

    Sip as much of water you can throughout the day in order to keep your throat wet. This will help the itching of your throat away. You can also use a lollipop or candy to keep your mouth busy and throat wet.

  • 2

    Drink tea

    To soothe your throat, you can drink warm tea. It is preferable to add lemon and honey in your tea in order to suppress your cough.

    It is recommended to drink tea before going to sleep.

  • 3

    Anesthetise your throat

    You need to numb your throat with cough drops containing an anaesthetic in order to calm down your cough. You can buy cough drops like lidocaine or benzyl alcohol to anesthetise your threat.

  • 4

    Take Decongestants

    You can also take decongestants in order to smooth your throat. Especially in the case when you are experiencing stiffness besides coughing.

    This medication helps diminish postnasal drip which may be the reason you are coughing.

  • 5

    Use expectorants when you have phlegm-filled

    If you have phlegm-filled coughing then you need to use expectorants. Expectorants can help make your cough more productive and eventually heals it in less duration. It helps you fight mucus.

  • 6


    When you are suffering from cough, you need to rest your body. This will increase the healing process. You should abstain from activities involving much movement of your muscles.

  • 7

    Wear face mask while dusting

    You need to wear face masks while vacuuming or dusting your house. This will prevent dust particles from entering your month and will eventually prevent coughing.

    You can also buy an air purifier if are constantly suffering from cough.

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