It has been said that everyone has something to give. Something that can be shared with their fellow human beings over and over again. Something whose supply is never depleated, but constantly replenished as it is given away.

And it costs nothing to give.

What could that be? Remember that you must phrase your answer in the form of a question.

I hope you all got it. It’s as simple as falling off a log.

It is a SMILE.

Did you know there are fewer facial muscles used with less energy expended in the formation of a smile than there is in the forcing of a frown?

A warm, sincere smile, genuinely shared almost always results in the spontaneous eruption of more smiles in it’s immediate surroundings.

Once given, smiles can travel for miles and miles without significant interruption.

And smiles can even be passed along while sight unseen, through the sharing of heart-felt thoughts and wishes by various media.

A smile is a very powerful tool with a very powerful effect. Realize fully that power within you. Realize fully the force for good that you hold within you that you may share at will as often and generously as you choose.

The choice is yours. And you often receive in return more than you could ever hope to give!

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