How to Prevent Heat-Related Illness

Heat-related illnesses are the cause of many deaths all over the world every year. However, it need not be so, as there are certain things one can do to prevent these illnesses and stay protected from the heat. You need to avoid the extreme temperatures outside by drinking a lot of water; this will keep your body hydrated throughout the course of the day. Choosing the right clothing and using sunscreen regularly are two other important factors.

You should also avoid going out during the peak hours of the afternoon, to avoid any illness. Try to go out either in the early morning or in the evening, when the heat is not quite so brutal.


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    Wear appropriate clothes

    The most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to wear clothes that are suitable for your body in the hot weather. Do not wear fitted clothes as these will restrict the circulation of air. Wear clothes that are slightly loose in fitting and are made of a light fabric. Dark colours should also be avoided as they absorb heat and increase the temperature of the body. So, wear lighter and brighter colours during summer.

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    Drink a lot of water

    Try to drink a lot of water during the summer, as that will keep your body hydrated throughout the course of the day. If your body stays hydrated, it will be able to regulate the heat and you will stay away from any heat-related illness.

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    Staying inside during peak hours

    You need to avoid going outside during the peak hours of the afternoon. Try to do your work either early in the morning or later in the evening. A good time to go outside would be late in the night, when the temperatures are relatively low.

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    Use sunscreen

    Whenever you plan to go outside in the summer, wear sunscreen. Sunscreen will protect your skin from the heat, and will also help in preventing sunburn. Sunburn can be dangerous as it heats up the body and is the reason for many heat-related illnesses, such as heat stroke.

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