Natural Harvest: New Organic Food Store in Arvada NOW OPEN!

Located at 6380 McIntyre in Arvada, Colorado, the new Natural Harvest organic food store is a great place to buy all of your organic food, and also a fabulous place to buy lunch (or even breakfast!)

The store features a deli case that stretches the entire length of one wall, with everything from Boar’s Head meat and cheeses to fresh meat, side dishes, and much, much more in the way of organic food. During the lunch hour, you can buy your choice of a “build your own” sandwich or one of their delicious options. A great sandwich, a bag of chips or a side dish for $5.99. You’ve got to try the “Southwest Chicken” sandwich … their #7 … but only if you “like it hot”, as the spread they use on it contains some really hot peppers. During the summer, they often have chicken breasts or other meats smoking on the grill outside, so when you order your sandwich, it is “hot off the grill”. Yum!!

Another favorite of mine is their display of organic breads – mostly Udi’s brand (a Denver staple), which is really tasty. Especially the Sourdough.

The store is styled like an old-fashioned farmer’s market store from the 1940’s. Great ambiance, great organic food. Indoor and outdoor seating. Check it out today!

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