Need Something Fixed? Finding the Way When Your Husband Isn’t Home

Being a homeowner, and now a parent, I think I can categorize most people into two categories: people who fix things, and people who don’t.

I am a fixer. If something is broken, I am just compelled to try and fix it. I am not always successful, but the need is there.

My husband, not so much. If something is broken, he first prays that it will fix itself. Then he prays for the elves to fix it for him. Then he just might attempt to do it himself.

I am the reason there are DIY books. I am also the reason hubby keeps the Home Depot DIY book in his car!

Not to say I have not had my successes. I managed to put the baby seat on my bike, even though it involved socket wrenches. I learned how to use a socket wrench at least, although the whole ordeal took a lot longer than I bet it was supposed to.

When the toilet stops flushing, I am the one at the hardware store describing bits and pieces, because with hubby’s work schedule, I cannot wait four days for the toilet to flush properly. No good would come from that.

When the Ride On Thomas the Tank Engine stopped playing music, I ended up taking out the many screws and getting the wires hooked back to where they needed to be.

A year later, I wasn’t so lucky. Wires that were sautered in came out, pieces for buttons had come loose, and it was just a mess. We had to accept that Thomas would make music no more. I hate to admit defeat, but sometimes a job is just beyond your scope.

Fortunately, kids think no matter how many times you have failed, you can still fix anything. Which led to me making my older son’s tractor pedal forward once again. I wasn’t real sure on how to fix a slipped chain, but I did it somehow, and he was sowing oats once again in the basement as he pedaled around.

My espresso maker recently went on the fritz. I initially thought that my coffee grinder was grinding the beans too fine. This is because I now have to jam a spoon edge into the grinder safety notch since the notch broke off when the kids were inspecting the lid. Hubby came home and asked what was burning. Well, apparently the espresso beans since no coffee is coming out!

I bought preground beans, and still had no luck.

I was desperate. I wanted a cappuccino in the worst way. Well, not the WORST way. I was not going to bundle up my kids and go to the coffee shop and pay three something for a cappuccino. Not when I get twelve ounces of beans for six something, and it lasts me all winter long.

No, I got out the screwdriver. I discovered the lime build up in one area was preventing the water from getting to the filter area, which is why I had no coffee. It was a little bit scary, taking pieces apart. A tight seal is crucial on something that produces high steam pressure.

I got it back together and had my caffeine fix, all before hubby got home.

He told me today that we just must be wired differently, because I am so good at certain things around the house and he isn’t.

It is true, because he does things I cannot imagine doing. Must be that whole ying yang thing.

Now if I really get brave, I will fix the bathtub. It doesn’t drain like it used to, and it isn’t a clog. The stopper is loosey goosey, and it is internal.

And maybe someday I will let him in on my secret: if you make the kids think they are REALLY helping, they are eating out of your hand. If you freak out about your socket wrenches, not so much.

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