New Age of Fireplaces

Growing up, there was a fireplace in every home I lived. We moved around a little because my father was always upgrading. Just as soon as I got comfortable in one house, we were moving again.

At least, the housing just gradually got better. We went from an apartment when my parents were newlyweds and I was just a thought. Then before my father retired, he just finished off paying for the McMansion of his dreams. That was the gradual journey we took from home to home.

I remember one brownstone we moved into when I was transitioning from grade school to middle school. It had a gas fireplace that was capped off. My father didn’t like that at all. But, he looked at it like it was an opportunity. It was the first project he accomplished bringing the fireplace back to life. That’s where I learned my love for the fireplace.

Everyone has their thing. Some people love windows. Some love doors. We all have our own interest that we appreciate in a home. I love the fireplace. It has to be there or the home is just not complete to me.

I can tell that other people feel the same as me. But, I don’t understand some of their solutions. If you want a fireplace, install a fireplace. Ventless fireplaces are easy and don’t take any construction if you don’t want the installation to be that involved.

But, why would you get a fireplace that doesn’t even heat your home? I have walked into homes that had a faux fireplace in the living room. At closer look, it was just for appearances. It didn’t even have an electric hook up or anything that gave off heat. After talking about the options, I converted the owners into wanting an alternative to the traditional fireplace but one that makes more sense.

It’s like the fireplace videos you can watch. Why would you get a fireplace video just so that you can see and hear the fire? It certainly shows me that the fireplace experience is as important to you as it is to me. But, it’s as if you’ve cooked a meal that won’t nourish you or even fill your belly. It’s just something for your mouth to do.

A fire on the television is certainly a neat thing to do if the weather outside is delightful. On a sunny evening, you have the fire and the crackling sound that you love so much. But, that doesn’t solve the problem on a cold evening.

Instead of a video or a faux fireplace that doesn’t even heat, a ventless fireplace can be installed without any construction. You’ll have a real fire in the fireplace and you’ll be able to put it anywhere around your home. If you don’t build it into your home, you can take it from room to room as you go.

I know that people love the fireplace. Most people love the fireplace as much as I do. We all have fond memories of fireplaces and we shouldn’t just let them go.

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