New Dramas This Fall on ABC

The summer is almost over and that means new shows are premiering on the “little” screen. By now we all know shows like Lost, Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy, but what shows will make the breakthrough this fall? You will be able to choose from quite a few this year. Here is a preview of dramas coming to ABC this fall.

1. Brothers and Sisters

This new primetime drama is like you can tell, about Brothers and Sisters. This show follows the life of the Walkers and the interactions of the siblings. Here you have Sarah (Rachel Griffiths), VP who returns to the family business, Tommy (Balthazar Getty) the womanizing son, Kevin (Matthew Rhys) the gay lawyer, Justin (Dave Annable) the baby of the family, dealing with addiction and war trauma and Kitty (Calista Flockhart), former radio host now on TV. The parents are being played by
Tom Skerritt and Sally Field. The cast includes people like Ron Rifkin, Patricia Wettig, Sarah Jane Morris and John Pyper Ferguson.

2. Day Break

This show is set up like “Groundhog Day”, with Detective Brett Hopper (Taye Diggs) reliving the same day over and over again. This show starts out with Brett Hopper being accused of killing the Assistent D.A. Garza, and although he has a rock solid alibi nobody believes him. After that he realizes he was framed and starts running, just to find out that his family is in trouble. This repeats it self every day until he finds out who killed Garza, who framed him and saves his family. Detective Brett Hopper has one advantage and that is, that he does remember everything that didn’t work out the day before. Other actors here include Adam Baldwin, Ramon Rodriguez, Moon Bloodgood and Meta Golding.

3. The Nine

Here nine people get caught in a bank robbery and a 52-hour hostage standoff, that in the end leaves two people dead.After such a trauma their lives will never be the same and they will always be connected through it. Each episode begins with a flashback of the hostage crises, much like Lost, which shows how those nine are still connected even after the hostage taking has ended. Chi McBride, Tim Daly, Scott Wolf, Kim Raver, John Billingsley and Dana Davis are only a few that are part of this cast.

4. Ugly Betty

This is a spin off from the famous telenovela “Betty La Fea”. America Ferrera plays Betty Suarez a normal-looking woman who is having difficulties fitting into the world of fashion. Betty is hired by Bradford Meade, a fashion magazine mogul as his son’s assistent, when he turns over his magazine to him. They both will deal with the ups and downs of the fashion world. This cast includes Vanessa Williams, Eric Mabius, Ana Ortiz and Alan Dale just to name a few.

5. Men in Trees

Anne Heche is Relationship expert and author Marin Frist, who realizes she gives good advice but doesn’t follow her own On her way to an alaskan small town she finds out that her finance Graham is cheating on her, as if that isn’t enough she gets stuck in the town, filled with single men. James Tucker, John Amos, Seana Kufoed and Sarah Strange are also on this show.

6. Traveler

Jay, Taylor and Will and friends that spend the last two years together. After rollerblading through one of NYC’s most famous museums it goes up in flames and it makes Jay and Taylor the main suspects. Will is the only one that can helpthem clear up the situation, but he is nowhere to be found. Did he die in the blast or was he one of the terrorist who blew up the museum? Furthermore, Jay and Taylor can’t even prove there is a Will, because in each picture that was taken Will covered his face. While on the run from the FBI, they try to prove their innocents.

7. Six Degrees

Six strangers in New York City don’t know how much impact they are having on each other, until certain coincidences draw them together and that changes their lives. The cast includes Jay Hernandez, Hope Davis, Campbell Scott, Bridget Moynahan, Campbell Scott and Erika Christensen.

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