New Fall TV Stars: Jay Hernandez, Rodrigo Santoro and William Fichtner

With so many prospective hit television shows only weeks away, there are sure to be some breakout fall TV stars. The following is a look at some of these hot new talents and what we should expect from tomorrow’s stars.

Getting his start on NBC’s Saturday morning teen show “Hang Time,” Jay Hernandez will be returning to the small screen this fall. J.J. Abrams created Jay’s new show entitled “Six Degrees,” Abrams is the same man behind the hit TV shows “Alias” and “Lost.” Hernandez has already starred in several popular movies including the surprise hit “Crazy/Beautiful” in 2001 and later he co-starred in “Ladder 49” with John Travolta and Joaquin Phoenix. Boasting plenty of on-screen charisma, this 28 year old has a long future ahead of him.

Spanish soap opera fans may already know this 29 year old actor, but this fall Rodrigo Santoro will be making his name known in the states. The Brazilian actor, who was named one of People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People in 2004, will be a new cast member on ABC’s wildly addictive show “Lost.” This will be Santoro’s anticipated acting debut in the United States.

Another veteran actor who will be breaking into fall TV is William Fichtner. William has been previously seen in 1994 on “Grace Under Fire,” where he played a character named Ryan Sparks. He has also been a guest star on the “West Wing.” However, his new role as Agent Alex Mahone on the smash hit “Prison Break” may boost him to television stardom.

Eamonn Walker may not be new to television, but he may very well rise to great fame in the much anticipated fall show “Justice.” Walker, a stage-trained British actor, has already been seen on NBC’s “ER” and HBO’s “Oz.” ABC is the television station lucky enough to land this up and coming actor this fall season.

Another actor who has been seen on television in the past is Sam Page. Though he has appeared in both “All My Children” and “Point Pleasant,” he has yet to become a household name. He is hoping his role, as lawyer Casey Woodlan in the upcoming CBS drama “Shark” costarring James Woods will change that.

Jason Ritter looks and acts so much like his dad that watching him on TV is like stepping into a time machine. Jason, who gained critical acclaim for his supporting role as Kevin Girardi in “Joan of Arcadia,” will now have his chance to play the lead in this fall’s comedy “The Class.” The new show will center on a 27 year-old (Ritter) who reunites with his childhood friends and will surely showcase Ritter’s acting talents.

It’s tough to tell which of these or any prospects will become the breakout stars of tomorrow. It is hard to predict now which actors will be at the 2007 Emmys, and which will be a part of a quickly canceled series. It’s going to be fun trying to find out though, as we cheer on our favorites throughout the fall television season.

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