New Trend in Dutch Architecture – Houses Are Being Built on Water

The world is growing at an alarming rate. Medical and technological advancements have made it so that people are able to live longer than they have before. People are also having bigger and bigger families. More children are born every minute than in previous years. Studies show that this trend will only continue as our technologies and medical advancements continue to happen.

The rising number of people on our planet make it so that it is incredibly important to continue developing homes. One big problem with this is that we are starting to run out of land. Several developers have decided to take action. Companies have begun projects to build homes that can float in water. You can call this trend the next generation of house boats.

Dutch Architecture is where this new trend is gaining life. The need to build on all available land has led to the creation of homes that can float. These homes are being built on lake fronts, riverbanks, and areas below sea level. This is being done to accommodate the country’s growing population. The plan has seen many developers in the region embracing the unique concept.

The typical amphibious home has a hollow concrete foundation that acts like the hull of a ship. The home will rise and fall with the tides. You can now understand where the comparisons to a ship has come from. The structure is connected to mooring posts that keep it from drifting away. Alternative designs are also being created. “Ecoboat” designs are being implemented into these homes. Retired engineering professor Frits Schoute has developed a process that uses win and wave energy to heat the home and filter seawater fro drinking.

People all over Netherlands are flocking to these newly developed homes. They feel that this is the house of the future. With global warming and more and more land falling below sea level, this will offer homeowners protection. A home like the ones being developed help buyers stay away from the potential risk of their homes sinking into the ground.

Developments continue on these homes. Just like any home that is located near a lake or ocean, the risk of hurricanes or floods is a major issue. Developers are working hard to create ways to avoid these problems. There will be many enhancement to the idea over the next few years. It will only be a matter of time before we see them being developed in mass production in the United States.

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