Nine Unique Places to Have Sex

For long-term couples, having sex in the bedroom can get old after awhile. Perhaps you’ve worn out the bathtub and the couch, and even those places are starting to look mundane. Finding new and exciting ways to have sex can help spice things up, but have you considered looking for new places to have sex?

First of all, you’ve gotta get out of the bedroom mentality. Since childhood, we’ve assumed that sex should take place in the bedroom and so it becomes the most obvious choice. But if you have sex before bed, in the bed, and never get out of the bed, then you aren’t experiencing all that sex has to offer.

1. On The Balcony

If you’re lucky enough to have a private balcony, this can be a great starter point for finding new places to have sex. It’s private enough so that you won’t be (too) self-conscious, but it gets the desire going for more adventurous sex. If you don’t have a porch or balcony, go to a fancy hotel that offers them instead. You can all of the romantic atmosphere that a hotel room provides, but none of the bed action!

2. In The Car

I know what you’re thinking: cramped space, and it’s been done before. But don’t you remember life as a teenager, parking in your boyfriend or girlfriend’s car, making out until it’s time to head home? Recapture your youth by having sex in the car, but be careful where you park.

3. During A Hike

What better way to get back to nature than to have sex while you’re hiking through it. As places go, this will be extremely exotic, and you can rekindle your relationship by having sex outdoors. Make sure that you’re in a secluded location where other hikers aren’t like to travel, and avoid any plants that might be poisonous. Having sex on a hike might be just what you’re looking for.

4. In A Field

If you’re lucky enough to live on a large acreage, this will be easier than if you live in the middle of a city. But having sex in a large, open field can really be exciting, especially for those who like to “worry” about being “caught.” Again, watch out for poisonous flora and make sure there aren’t any curious animals nearby.

5. On An Exercise Machine

The padded seats on exercise machines and benches are great places for girls to assert their dominance in “bed”. It provides the perfect positioning for girl-on-top sex, and gives a more exotic place for sex than the boring old bedroom. Make sure that you’re in your own private gym – I don’t recommend a public one – and look out for other equipment that might get in your way.

6. In The Kitchen

I don’t know if you’ve been in there lately, but the kitchen offers an unlimited number of places to have sex. The counters, the breakfast table and even the refrigerator offer a plethora of ways to add excitement to the relationship. This is also great for impromptu sex – you’re making dinner, and then…you’re not! An added bonus: you can incorporate food into your naughty play.

7. In The Pool

If you have a pool in your backyard, then you should be using it for more than swimming laps. Pools offer a refreshing place to have sex, and eliminates the need for the dreaded clean-up. And there are more options than you might have guessed – the steps, the hot tub, the ladder and even the diving board!

8. In The Ocean

This is a little bit more daring than your own personal pool, but it can be pulled off. Try going to a secluded beach and getting hot in the waves, or even trying the more difficult task of having sex on a raft or floatie.

9. At The Office

If one partner or the other has a private office at his or her workplace – preferrably with a lock on the door – it might present a “forbidden” place to have sex. Surprise your significant other with lunch at noon – and you for desert.

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