No Extensions, No Makeup

I am one of the prettiest girls in the world�Not because my skin is flawless or because of the length of my hair but because I finally recognize where true beauty lies. Like a lot of people, I spent too many years wishing I was more attractive, more curvaceous, a little more of this and a touch of that. When I had run out of ways to perfect the outward being, I decided to try something new. I began focusing on my inner beauty and why I had always been one of the most attractive people ever. Simply stated, no matter how many facades we throw up, the intent of the heart will always come through.

Every day, we read about people spending millions of dollars to improve trouble spotsâÂ?¦areas thought to be unattractive. Still, when it’s all said and done; one surgery leads to yet another. One nip-tuck leads to further alteration and more and more manipulation of the inherent structure of things. Before it is realized, people become one big societal experiment trying to find themselves among the rubbish of a self they once were. After investing countless years in a race toward the fountain of youth and other fallacies, beings are transformed into caricatures of their former selves. After allowing society to dictate weight, hair and eye color, style of dress, (the list goes on); people end up resembling a tragic accident.

Though other people’s ideas of beauty, at one time, overshadowed my own; I have learned that we haven’t perfected being beautiful until we learn to love ourselves inside and out. We will never achieve maximum beauty, until we spit-shine our hearts and souls. If we allow the burden of societal demands to manipulate us into rejecting ourselves, we will never know what it is to outlive the opinion and honor the fact that we are who we are. In addition, one thing that is certain is we will become who everyone else wants us to be; if we don’t gain a keen sense and love of self.

We must gain a defensive stance and learn to love the skin we are in. We must open ourselves to the perfection of the heart and stop allowing close-minded people to dictate what and who we should be. Our style of dress, Revlon and shiny shoes can only take us so far. What remains to be seen is what we will have once the makeup runs and the distinguished gentleman fades. I have found that doctoring up ourselves for the sake of men will only lead to an inner eruption of ugliness. Presenting false images for mans’ approval turns personalities into uproars of resentment. The extensions in our hair need to become extensions of the heartâÂ?¦teaching us how to respect the gift of individuality.

If we spent more time beautifying our personalities, we would probably not spend precious time pointing out the flaws in others. In order to fully be seen for our true selves, we must look inward and tap into the well of beauty found in hearts of gold. Only natural beauty can present a flawless appeal. It is true that facades can only be sustained for so long. Makeup can only cover so much, before a touch-up is needed and, although we have to give our personalities a tuning on occasion; the beauty of the heart is what will last.

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