Singultus: A New Look at the Universal Distress of Problem Hiccups

Despite Common Perception, Problem Hiccups are Nothing to Sneeze At

In the past several months, a new awareness has been growing about singultus as an under-rated health and performance problem. While the idea of problem hiccups seems silly and is easily dismissed by those who do not suffer with the condition, for those familiar with singultus or those whose voice is critical to their success, hiccups are no joke. In this post-modern age of intense communications, singultus has emerged as a significant performance problem. Despite advances in medical technologies, reliable treatment for singultus has remained, until very recently, an elusive fantasy.

Is Your Grandma’s Hiccup Remedy Really the Best?

Discussions on the World Wide Web reveal an increasing unrest with the problem hiccups status quo. Serious attention to this distressing condition has been led by bloggers like KB Raymond at “Hiccup Hell”, who not only provides thought leadership on the subject of singultus, but rails against society’s passive acceptance of embarrassing and unreliable home remedies. Interestingly, people are passionate about their family remedies and almost all claim that their remedy works every time. The vast library of these folk remedies on the Web attests to the hidden, yet deep interest in the subject as well as the lack of a definitive treatment (until now). Although the majority of the hundreds of catalogued remedies are virtually useless as a practical treatment for singultus, some are moderately successful and have some connection to the science of the hiccup.

Science Finally Beats Problem Hiccups for Peak Communication

The immediate cause of the hiccup spasm is rooted in the Vagus and Phrenic nerves and their influence on the diaphragm. The best hiccup cures attempt to influence and regulate these nerves to relieve the distressing spasms. A new innovation, just recently released to the public, instantly re-sets the ‘hiccup nerves’ to reliably treat singultus. The patented gadget, called the “Hic-Cup”, works on the simple scientific principle of galvanic action to produce a very low voltage bio-electric current that influences the nerves and relieves the hiccups. The media immediately upon its launch has passionately embraced the Hic-Cup, while the reporters and broadcasters themselves are making the device a “must-have” item. Seems that the Hic-Cup is considered ultra low-cost performance insurance for on-air professions. The voice is power, who else can use this kind of protection, peace of mind and relief?

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