The Care and Feeding of Lightworkers

Lightworkers are here to heal the earth and to bring peace and unification to humanity. It’s an overwhelming task even for these divine spirits, and requires Lightworkers to be at their peak one-hundred percent of the time.

There are two major obstacles, however, that you must overcome in order to fulfill your critical mission.

First of all, many of you are still in the process of awakening to your divine nature. Your memory of the mission is obscured by the daily demands of life in the physical realm; you may even doubt that truth of your calling.

These doubts will fade as you proceed along the path set forth for you. Soon enough, if you haven’t already embraced your identity, a series of events will unfold to give you all the proof you need that you are, indeed, the hope of our future.

The second obstacle is slightly more problematic because it is an outgrowth of your very nature. Lightworkers exist to help others. This instinctual imperative drives you to act for the good of others, often at the expense of your own well-being.

Lightworkers must be diligent about caring for themselves and bringing their bodies, minds, and spirits into alignment!

Physical health tends to be far down on your list of concerns. Lightworkers are pure spirituality and inclined toward mental pursuits. The physical body is not yet -and may never be – a totally comfortable vessel for you. Nevertheless, it is a vital tool in your work, so you must give particular attention to diet and exercise.

Every body benefits from pure, natural food, of course, but especially Lightworkers. You struggle with the burden of physicality anyway; your work here will be made so much easier if you will address this issue and rid yourself of unnecessary toxins and impurities.

You have a natural affinity for philosophical pursuits and all matters of spirituality. The trouble with this is that Lightworkers can easily lose themselves in convoluted mental mazes. You are able to view every situation from all sides; this is because, in your divine aspect, you are hardwired to see the Big Picture and therefore have at your core a universal perspective. In your physical body, you are limited by a sort of tunnel vision yet your dormant memory keeps reaching for answers.

Lightworkers need to shut down periodically and stop trying so hard to sort it out. All the knowledge is there, inside you, but it’s as if you are chasing shadows. The truth plays hide and seek with you.

Regular meditation is perhaps the best thing a Lightworker can do for him/herself and for us all. Allow the conscious mind to stop seeking and let your full wisdom return. That wisdom is the greatest gift you can give to the world.

The spirit of a Lightworker is stronger and brighter than others, but also especially susceptible to the negative energy that bombards earth. Spirit is strengthened by kindness, and weakened by petty emotions such as anger and fear.

It is vitally important for you to exude peace and to participate in compassion. This is the lesson you are here to teach, and you must teach it by your actions as well as through your words. Do not let the weight of the world’s evils damage your innate goodness.

Your spirit is required now more than ever. Have faith in yourself, tend to your needs as well as to the needs of others, and you will succeed.

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