Notorious Carolina: Political Antics in NC

If you follow any news outlet, you must have heard about North Carolina. If you have not, allow me to share some news with you. North Carolina has made many national headlines over the past several months. We should give it the moniker, “Notorious Carolina.” NC made headlines for the most extreme Voter ID restrictions and NC was the only state willing to throw WIC “under the bus.” NC’s Republican conservative leadership and its alleged values are only used when it behooves them.

Republican Values: Of the People, By the People, For the People? NO

Conservatives want to dictate women’s reproductive rights and deny gay people their right to pursue happiness via marriage. Yet, Conservatives in NC have manipulated the political system through gerrymandering.

Moreover, Conservatives in NC have a history of doing dirty deeds after dark, late after the midnight hour. There were a few late-night GOP maneuvers under the previous democratic Governor in 2012.

Recently, there were many reports about the Governor remodeling bathrooms in his mansion at an estimated cost of over $200,000. Due to public outcries, that was put on hold. NC could not fund WIC but, NC could remodel some bathrooms in the Governor’s mansion? Let’s think about priorities!

Furthermore, there has been speculation about some young and inexperienced NC government workers earning excessively high salaries in comparison to their education, experience and position. The Governor ordered cutbacks but, a select few received hefty promotions. Allegedly, these young high-earners were connected to the Governor’s campaign.

Higher Political Aspirations for NC Governor?

If one did not know better, one would think the Governor of NC is aligning himself with the Tea Party and trying to make himself a viable Vice Presidential pick for the Republican Party in 2016.

Why would a state leader be so radical and willing to bring so much notoriety to NC? The Tea Party led – no – regressed Voter ID laws and NC’s Governor went to the extreme right. When the government shutdown, other states decided to supplement WIC with state funds. NC’s Governor was ready and did shut it down – the only Governor in the United States to do that.

Moral Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays� Needed

NC’s Republican led government is out of control. NC citizens have had to resort to protests such as “Moral Mondays” – reminiscent of the Civil Rights Movement. If you want to see examples of the issues and causes on the Moral Monday agenda, view the ‘Top Ten Protester Signs‘ from North Carolina’s Moral Monday on the road!

The Information Gladiator commented, “Everything is so right (winged) in NC that everything is wrong!” The Tea Party wants to impeach our President. Why isn’t anyone trying to impeach/remove NC’s Governor?

NC residents should no longer be proud to call Notorious Carolina home…

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