Now Most Americans Find the Content of Obama’s Character Wanting

COMMENTARY | According to the Washington Times, a recent CNN poll shows that Americans not only no longer think that President Barack Obama is a good president, but have sadly concluded that he really isn’t a good person.

“Only four of 10 Americans think the president is an effective leader, CNN said. Fully 53 percent think he’s dishonest, untrustworthy – the first time a clear majority thought this about the president. And perhaps worse, given this was the president’s strongest asset: Fifty-six percent say they don’t even admire him as a person any longer.”

In other words, Americans have decided that the president they elected and then reelected is a malign combination of Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon. It is a lethal combination for any president to be viewed as.

The major takeaway is that the next three years are not going to be very pleasant ones, not for the American people and not for the president. In a parliamentary system, a leader who has stumbled as badly as Obama would have been ousted and someone else would have been installed to pick up the pieces. Under the American system, unless he resigns or is impeached and thrown out of office, the president remains no matter how many people think he is compromised.

The rest of the Obama presidency is going to be bitter and acrimonious. Obama is not a man to trim his sails or try to make amends in some fashion. He will attempt to bull ahead as much as he can, even while congressional Democrats abandon him and Republicans become emboldened. He will not learn from his mistakes because he will not admit to making them. If Obamacare is a smoldering ruin, someone else must have done it. If people distrust and hate him, they must either be rubes or racists.

But we warned you all, did we not? Twice, as it turned out. The only consolation is that January 20, 2017, is likely to be a day of jubilation, of the long, national nightmare finally passing. It cannot come too soon.

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