O-Town’s Ashley Parker Angel!!! Going Solo?

You all remember the TV show called Making the Band? The show that had thousands of talented young men try out to become the next stars! By the end of the show five guys were victorious. These five young men would enter the music business and begin a new boy band franchise called O-Town.

This band was made up of Ashley Parker Angel, Ikaika Kahoano – whom was later replaced by Dan Miller, Erik-Michael Estrada, Jacob Underwood, and Trevor Penick. As a group, O-town had a couples of hits which include their single “liquid dreams” , “All or Nothing,” and many others. They held many tours and had tons of merchandise, which I am guilty of buying, but then drama with in the group and its label caused the group to go their separate ways. And now Ashley Parker Angel is beginning to branch out of boy band groups and become a solo artist.

Ashley Parker Angel is following in the footsteps of many ex boy band members. I call it the “branching out phase” though many of these type of artist aren’t very successful. This list includes- Joey Mcintyre, Jordan Knight,(both from new kids on the block) Jesse McCartney ( Dream Street), Justin Timberlake( Nsync), Nick lachey( 98 degrees), nick carter ( BSB)- just to name a few. But now having spent all of his O-Town earnings, Ashley is now a struggling artist trying to make it to the top once again. But will he make it to the top or will he just be another washed out boy band member?

Ashley has a chance to succeed as a solo artist. With the air time he gets on MTV, viewers and fans can see and be with him as he struggles to the top. On this show the fans are there step by step from writing and recording the songs, to photo shoots etc. This show is very addictive it shows the artist’s frustration in starting over.

It makes the artist more down to earth, and just a regular person that many people can relate to. Another popularity booster is Myspace.com, one of the most visited sites in the world. Ashley has as sample songs on his page. You can visit his site link which is http://www.myspace.com/ashleyparkerangel. This is a new way that artist can get fan support and get his music out there. People can hear his songs and leave him messages. These new ways of getting in touch with a musician has helped Ashley Parker Angel escape is O-Town past.

Ashley’s CD is called “Soundtrack to your life.” This CD is a great start to attempt to forge a solo career. It is also a surprisingly good album. He shows that he actually does have talent, and not just a manufactured artist to finish the puzzle to a boy band. The sound of this album is actually a rock genre, which is surprising, considering one of the last songs we heard from Ashley was a corny song concerning Wet Dreams with the made on TV band, O-Town.

The album is like a collection of ’70s singer/songwriter and ’80s college rock and Parker Angel’s vocals are reminiscent of a cross between the John Rzeznik and Tyson Ritter. The album begins pretty rock heavy but perhaps the shining moments are toward the end with two incredibly moving ballads “Where did you go” and the cinematic “Apology.”

Unlike the lyrics in the O- Town CD. Ashley’s lyrics deal with everyday life. From stupid fights with companions in “Let U Go” to feeling out of place and unnoticed in the musical masterpiece “Shades of Blue” to the love of a father to son in “Soundtrack To Your Life”.

The album was produced by the Matrix team who has also worked with the likes of Avril Lavigne and Hilary Duff and others that are no strangers to making hits. In the Billboard charts he is on his way to the top. So overall, “Soundtrack To Your Life” is definitely worth a listen, and will soon, more than likely become a hot CD over the summer. Be sure to hear a lot of Ashley Parker Angel over the airwaves this summer.

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