Top Ten Songs by Billy Joel

Billy Joel’s music has entertained and touched his audience for over twenty five years. His music is ever changing and evolving as the world changes. It is hard to pick a favorite for most long time fans of Billy Joel as most are likely to give you a list instead of a single title.

Movin’ Out
is now more than a song but the inspiration for a Broadway hit. This is song seems to go back to the Billy Joel from the Bronx in it’s rendition of a real life and real troubles in that life.

New York State Of Mind causes everyone who has ever lived, visited or dreamed of the Big Apple to feel that familiar tug on their heart and the longing in their soul for New York. Singing with feeling and a sense of melancholy Billy Joel reaches into the depth of anyone who feels the call of the city many call and make home.

The haunting melody of Vienna Waits For You is guaranteed to stir emotion even in the hardest of hearts. Joel offers a message that many could and probably should take to heart these days: Slow down and take all that life has to offer before it’s gone.

Piano Man is probably the best known to anyone. One is always left to wonder if this is at least somewhat autobiographical for singer/songwriter Billy Joel as he paints a sad but vivid picture of a piano player in a bar and its patrons.

You May Be Right is a stark and comical reminder for many women that men tend to deal with the world in a different way than we do and reassurance to men that they are not alone in doing exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time when it comes to the lady in their life. As for the ladies, we all know this man and we are reminded that he was a heck of a lot of fun. This is a song that is impossible to listen to without chuckling and Joel offers it up without remorse or apology for having a good time.

Uptown Girl is the classic story of boy from the wrong side of the tracks fall for girl who is out of his league. While it is never stated one always knows that she is secretly crazy for him as well and that in the end they will ride off into the sunset in his beat up Ford Mustang or pick-up truck and live happily ever after. This is one of those songs that can never play without feet tapping and somebody singing along.

To Make You Feel My Love would be a hit for country superstar Garth Brooks years after Billy Joel’s original release. While it was never a huge hit for Joel, it did reach across music charts to touch a new audience. This is certainly one of those songs that got lost in an album of hits before the listeners had the chance to appreciate a heartfelt and emotional tune.

It is clamied that We Didn’t Start The Fire was written because a child had made a comment that they felt sorry for those of Billy Joel’s generation as no history had occurred in that time. The song chronicles 120 events in history dating back to 1949 and ending in the 80’s. the listener can’t help but wonder how long the song would have to be if it dated to current time. It may be time for a second song to remind the future generations that while we did not start the fire it will continue to burn.

The Longest Time is the song that so many identify with when it comes to the love that just doesn’t feel entirely real. Loving someone for so long and finally having them you always leaves that little doubt in the shadows of the mind. Joel understands the doubts and feeling of pain when with someone that just might not be there the next day, yet he still takes the chance. This tune is full of love, heartache and the real possibility of heartbreak in the end, but it’s always worth the risk.

It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me a song much like the unique and talented Billy Joel himself. A bit different from mainstream but still Rock And Roll. This is a song that is guaranteed to get you off your seat and onto the dance floor in celebration of music and all that it has to offer.

Billy Joel can’t be put into any one category with his music style but without a doubt he is one of the most talented artists on the market even more than twenty years after he first starting bringing music into our lives on vinyl albums.

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