Perched upon my balcony, you sit… eyes locked intently on the night…

Where does your gaze fall, black heart?

Do you see the hollowness of deceit and malice lurking beneath the light?

Do you see the goodwill and love of mankind reaching down into the bowels of hell

To rescue the damnedest of souls deemed too far gone by the religious zealots that blasphemes their god’s name?

Where does your gaze fall, black heart?

Does it fall upon the impoverished children of the wastelands that must pilfer and scrimmage and sell themselves?

How if sins in the eyes of the privileged do these deeds bring sustenance to the troubled?

Where does your gaze fall, black heart?

Does it fall upon the mother who has lost all in her life and seeks refuge in the fortress of peace at the expense of all she has left?

Do you see everything from your firm sight, black heart?

Does your black heart not mourn the lost souls?

Does it not glow red from the selfishness of the ungrateful?

Does it not sing in delight with the happiness of the wayward ones who smile when all but sadness surrounds them?

Does it not cower in fear at the sight of heinous men and their ungodly acts upon the unaware?

What do your eyes tell you, black heart… where does your gaze fall?

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