Oh so Beautiful Beth

It had occured to Beth that maybe, she was morbid. Maybe. If you considered being careful morbid, then yes, she was morbid. To a fault. She had two bottles of mace in her purse because she knew one day she would be attacked. Beth always checked under her car and in the backseat before getting into her vehicle. She didnt want her ankles slashed or to be choked with a wire from the backseat as she drove. These were precautions Beth took because Beth was careful. Or morbid. That was the question posed at the moment. She considered that the idea of being shot by a passing motorist as she also drove might be an irrational fear. She didnt know what had made her this way, but it was never something she had taken notice of until now. Beth went over in her mind her bedtime ritual. She checked, well, every window and lock in the house. Once she thought she’d been burglarized and she had bet her buttons that it would never happen again. She’d gone upstairs, more eager than most nights to get into bed. Only, as she began to remove her jewelry, she noticed the stain. A dark yellow stain, right next to her bedside. This meant that Trickles, the cat, had had an accident.

“Fucking Trickles”.

In the cleaning cabinet however was a suprise. No carpet treatment left. Beth couldnt go to bed without treating the carpet. Absolutely it would overtake the fibers of the carpet overnight if she didnt treat it immediately. So throwing on an overcoat, scarf, gloves, hat and rainboots, Beth stepped out onto the street. It was then that Jonathan Myers turned to his right and noticed the woman stepping onto her front stoop. She was breathtaking. Her hair, peeking out from under a wool cap, danced in the cold wind. Her face looked from one end of the street to the other and as he watched her he fell in love a little bit. Then his car thundered into the back of Beths parked Honda Accent. A piece metal, escaping from it’s home beneath the passenger side mirror of Jonathans Ford Focus, sailed through the air, almost reaching out for Beth. It found it’s new home in the center of her skull and sliding down the stairs outside the front of her house, she couldnt even realize how strange this all was. Inside, Trickles meowed with a fierce intensity, but went unheard. With her very last moment on earth Beth saw a man crawl out from beneath what was left of her vehicle. His leg was broken, bloody and disguisting to look at. Beth didnt compute this. She only lay in a pool of blood in the state of Michigan and died.

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