Real Estate: How to Get Front Door Curb Appeal

Front Door Curb Appeal is important to help greet visitors and is crucial if you are trying to sell your home. First impressions on your home helps potential buyers solidify their decision to purchase. When a potential buyer first walks up to your home, its curb appeal is essential to how your house is perceived. The focal point of this curb appeal is the front door and the doors surrounding area. Your front door needs to set a positive tone for your entire house. To update the front door you can either replace it (very expensive) or you can selectively update it with some simple replacements and additions.

Look at the doors condition

Front doors take a lot of abuse from the sun and rain. As a result your door may be faded. A fresh paint job or staining will make in immediate good impression. Be sure to take your time and prep the front door prior to painting or staining. Also be aware that the outside temperate and weather will impact your results so be sure to read and follow the instructions on the can. To really make in impact, try painting the door with a strong primary color. This will make it stand out and is great to do as long as the color ties into the house color and shutter colors.

Install a kick plate

A kick plate is attached to the lower portion of your door and runs about one inch or so off the bottom and sides. Typical sizes for a 36-inch front door are 6 inches x 34 inches and 8 inches x 34 inches. Kick plates range in price from $20 to $60. Kick plates often attach with small brass screws. If your door is metal, try adding a magnetic kick plate for instant gratification without the fuss of screwing.

Change out the hardware

Your door locks play an important part due to the daily use and security concerns. This can be the most expensive piece of hardware on your door because of its security role. The term lockset will refer to a door handle and lock. There are many different lockset combinations: a handle with a keyed lock, a separate door handle and lock with a separate deadbolt, and a combined handle and deadbolt. When choosing a lockset be sure to pick out one that provides the amount security you need. You also want to make a strong statement on your door. Satin nickel, hand-rubbed bronze and pewter and brass are common finishes with prices ranging from $50 to $350. The good news is the most lock sets will already fit the existing holes in your front door.

How about adding a Door Knocker

An old fashion door knocker can add some old style to a front door. Many are brass plated and finished so they will not tarnish. Prices range from $15 and can go up to $250. You can even get a door knocker with peep hole for added security.

Replace Door Trim

The last part of the door that you want to look at is the molding. A bland door trim can be easily updated with off the shelf moldings specifically designed for doors. Don’t overdo the molding or your door may end up looking out of place for your home. You also don’t need to just focus on using wood as nowadays there are modern PVC materials that look exactly like painted wood. PVC has the advantage of being stable and rot resistant. The best part of PVC is that you can install it with the same tools that you would use for wood. Prices range from $50 to $250.

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