Oily Skin? Facial Mud Masques to the Rescue!

Oily, dry, combination – no matter what type your skin may be, sometimes a normal cleansing routine just isn’t enough. They say beauty is only skin deep – well, then perhaps that is where we should begin our daily beauty regimens. Cleansing, toning, refining and moisturizing one’s face daily is a major part of keeping healthy skin, but sometimes those steps could use a little help from a more powerful rejuvenating technique.

Facial mud and clay masques can work wonders on skin and the best part is, you need not set up an appointment at a salon for the perfect facial! Many brands offer great facial masque products, like Freeman’s Beautiful Skin(r) Facial Mud Masque or their Beautiful Skin(r) Mineral Clay Masque.

Queen Helene(r) offers a very effective product, The Original Mint Julep Masque, which goes on green and just zaps the oil from your skin. These are just a few of the countless facial masque products out there.

To fully reap all the benefits of a facial mud masque, a certain itinerary should be followed, beginning with a gentle cleansing with face wash. Following the cleansing, apply the face masque to your entire face, and neck if you desire, and allow it to dry completely. Masque should normally dry in about 10 to 15 minutes, though it can be left on problem areas overnight for the utmost therapy. Rinse the masque from your face with warm water and a washcloth. To conclude the complete home facial process, use an exfoliating face scrub followed by a facial moisturizer.

This sounds all well and good, but who really has a half an hour or more to spend on facial treatments every couple of days or even once a week? Even if you cannot spare the time for each step of the facial process, using the mud masque at least once a week will give you noticeable results in your complexion.

Benefits of a facial mud masque:
* Absorbs excess oil
* Aids in shrinking large pores
* Clarifies skin’s texture
* Eases tension lines on face and neck
* Helps to dry up pimples
* Reduces appearance of blemishes
* Relaxes tired muscles
* Removes dry cells and impurities
* Replenishes vitamins, minerals and moisture
* Rinses away blackheads

No matter how you go about your facial care routine, using a masque at least once in a while will truly invigorate you, leaving your face silky smooth and soft. Because the results are immediate and purely amazing, you may even find yourself wishing to use a masque more than once a week. Enjoy the clean and clear effects of a facial masque and relax while you use it…after all, it will be like having your own spa treatment in the comfort of your home!

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