Old English Furniture Wipes – Review

Today’s society seems to be one of convenience. I am usually fussy about what type of cleaning products I buy, always considering the impact they have on our environment. Because I had a $2.00 coupon for any Old English product, I purchased a canister of Old English Furniture Wipes, which retailed for $3.69.

Product Claims
* Conditions your wood furniture during regular cleaning and dusting
* Brings out the natural luster of your wood furniture
* Cleans, shine and protects to keep furniture beautiful longer
* Contains water guard protectant

The wipes are rather thin, measuring 7 1/2″ by 10 1/2″. There is a picture of a lemon on the front, with the claim that they contain lemon oil. There are 25 wipes to a canister, so they are pretty expensive at full retail cost.

The cap was easy to remove and the wipes threaded nicely through the opening. Pulling them out was also easy and they tore off along the preforation nicely. However, I was really disappointed in the job these wipes did on my oak dining room table and livingroom end tables. I have a very sensitive nose, but to me, they do not smell at all like lemon, but rather they have a chemical scent.

I have been dusting with Pledge and Old English sprays for years, and their lemon varieties do smell like lemon. I have to say that I will go back to the old fashioned way of dusting with the sprays and wiping down the surface with a clean rag.

The canister claims that these wipes will work on pine, oak, teak, walnut and light veneers. They can also be used on woodwork, paneling, cabinets, leather, marble, painted wood, plastic, chrome, plastic laminated surfaces, brass, stainless steel and vinyl. (They should not be used on floors because they can make them slippery).

My furniture looks no cleaner or shinier, nor does it have that nice fresh smell that I got when I used the spray cans of furniture polish. In my opinion, all it did was remove a layer of dust. I can do that with a damp cloth for free.

I am really curious about what ingredients these Old English Wipes contain, but unfortunately that information is not listed on the label. Since these claim to contain a water guard protectant, I expected water to bead up on my furniture, but it didn’t. I also used these on my leather furniture, but they did not do near as nice a job as wipes made specifically for vinyl and leather.

All in all, this purchase was a bust and I’m very glad I didn’t pay full price for the wipes. I will continue to purchase the Old English dusting spray, but these wipes didn’t perform to my satisfaction.

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