On Owning a Property!

Every day on my way to office, I walk past a house protected with high built concrete walls and locked iron gates. The holes on the gate gives me a glimpse of the house with doors always closed. I can see the well maintained green lawns and empty gate ways that rarely hear the footsteps of people who own that prestigious house. It became a routine job for me to throw a glance beyond the locked gates and check if anyone is there. This habit made me start thinking about the days when we were living behind high walls that prevented us from interacting with the people outside. Living in a house surrounded by stretch of lands prevented our legs to walk leisurely outside the walls. Unknowingly that made me an introvert hesitating to talk to others and gave others a false picture of me as a ‘head strong’ and ‘egoistic’ person.

Pathetically, the high society to which we belonged voluntarily cut off the strings that connected us to the people who lived in lower strata than us. Unfortunately that prevented all the opportunities that came in my way and left me stranded in hopeless days. I felt the property a heavy weight on me preventing me to achieve what I wished to achieve. Moving away from that property helped me to evolve into a better person. I met people who knew the value of life and lived their lives to the full without any hindrance. Without a property gave me the freedom to face life as it is and enjoy life as it evolved. Every step proved to be a learning experience and learned something. It taught me to identify things that need priority. Yet, I cannot deny the fact that people respect only if you own a property.

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